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0xDBE: The New DBA & Developer IDE from JetBrains

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0xDBE: The New DBA & Developer IDE from JetBrains

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It's not like there's never been a dedicated IDE for SQL before - I mean, here's three right here - but it's still pretty exciting when something big comes along, like the upcoming 0xDBE, which is being developed by JetBrains. The announcement page lays out the features to watch out for, which, for the most part, sound pretty much how an IDE ought to sound:

  • Code completion
  • Renaming and finding usages
  • Code analysis/quick fixes
  • Automatic formatting
  • Navigation
  • Support for major version control systems
  • Inherited IntelliJ features

As well as some features that seem a little more SQL-specific, such as a table editor and schema manager. Take a look:


(source: jetbrains.com/dbe/)

It's hard to tell exactly how promising this is from just an overview of features - though each one does include a nifty little video demonstration - but so far, 0xDBE looks like a polished and useful addition to any DBA/developer's IDE arsenal. 0xDBE, though... that's quite a name, right?

You can find an overview (and a more detailed features overview) on JetBrains' 0xDBE announcement page, as well as an early access program for anybody looking for a preview.

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