10 Best Mobile App Security Testing Tools in 2019

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10 Best Mobile App Security Testing Tools in 2019

Learn more about the mobile app security testing tools you need. Some of these tools include Quick Android Review Kit, Zed Attack Proxy, and Drozer.

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Learn more about mobile app security tools.
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List of Top 10 Mobile App Security Testing Tools

  1. Quick Android Review Kit.
  2. Zed Attack Proxy.
  3. Drozer (MWR InfoSecurity).
  4. MobSF (Mobile Security Framework).
  5. Android Debug Bridge.
  6. Micro Focus (Fortify).
  7. CodifiedSecurity.
  8. WhiteHat Security.
  9. Kiuwan.
  10. Veracode.

The number of mobile users around the globe is now estimated at over 3.7 billion. There are about 2.2 million in the Google Play store and 2 billion or more applications in the Apple App Store. As per Flurry, customers nowadays spend approx five hours each day on their mobile devices.

Such widespread usage of mobile apps comes with a complete range of new threats attacks formerly not relevant in the classic web app world. The latest research by NowSecure shows that 25% of mobile applications contain approx high-risk vulnerabilities. There are different kinds of vulnerabilities.

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).
  • The leak of User Sensitive Data (IMEI, GPS, MAC address, email or credential) over the network.
  • SQL injection.
  • Phishing Scam Attacks.
  • Missing Data Encryption.
  • Unrestricted Upload of Dangerous File Types.
  • OS Command Injection.
  • Malware.
  • Arbitrary Code Execution.

With the growth of mobile applications, delivering a highly secured app is vital to user retention. What can you do to avoid these threats? Fortunately, penetration Testers can help ensure that applications provide data protection.

There are many reasons why app security testing is significant. A few of them are — virus or malware infection, fraud attacks, security breaches, etc. Mobile App Security Testing comprises data security, authorization, authentication, session management, vulnerabilities for hacking, etc.

Hence from a business point of view, it is vital to perform security testing which requires the best mobile app security testing tool that guarantees that your application is secure.

Quick Android Review Kit (QARK)


Quick Android Review Kit” (QARK) was developed by LinkedIn. It is a static code analysis tool and gives information about android app related security threats and gives a concise and clear description of issues. QARK is beneficial for the Android platform to discover security loopholes in the mobile application source code and APK files.


It is an open-source tool and provides complete information about security vulnerabilities.

It generates a report about potential vulnerability and provides information about what to do to fix them. It highlights the problems related to the Android version.

It scans all the elements in the mobile app for security threats. It creates a custom app for the purpose of testing in the form of APK and determines the potential issues.

Zed Attack Proxy


Zed Attack Proxy is the world’s famous mobile application security test tool. OWASP ZAP is actively managed by hundreds of volunteers globally and is an open-source security testing tool. It is also one of the best tools for pen testers.


  • It is available in 20 diverse languages.
  • Simple to install. It helps in identifying security vulnerabilities automatically in apps during the software development and test phases.
  • It is an international community-based tool that gives support and comprises active development by universal volunteers.

Drozer (MWR InfoSecurity)MWR

It is a mobile app security testing framework that is developed by MWR InfoSecurity. Drozer helps to determine security vulnerabilities in Android devices.


  • It is an open-source tool that supports both actual android devices and emulators.
  • It takes very little time to assess Android security-related complications by automating time taking and complicated activities.
  • It supports the Android platform and executes java enabled code on the android device itself.

MobSF (Mobile Security Framework)


MobSF is an automated mobile app security testing tool for iOS and Android apps that is proficient to perform dynamic, static analysis and web API testing. A mobile security framework can be used for a fast security analysis of android and iOS apps. MobSF supports binaries (IPA and APK) and zipped source code.


  • It is an open-source tool for mobile app security testing.
  • With the help of MobSF, the Mobile app testing environment can be effortlessly set up.
  • It can be hosted in a local environment, so confidential data never interacts with the cloud.
  • Faster security analysis for mobile apps on all three platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). Developers can identify security vulnerabilities during the development phase.

Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge or ADB is a command-line mobile app testing tool used to communicate with a device that runs on android. It offers a terminal interface for controlling the android device connected to a computer using a USB. Android Debug Bridge can be used to install/uninstall apps, run shell commands, reboot, transfer files, and more. One can easily restore android devices using such commands.


  • ADB can be easily integrated with Google’s Android studio integrated development environment.
  • Real-time monitor of system events. It allows operating at the system level making use of shell commands.
  • It communicates with devices using Bluetooth, WI-FI, USB, etc.

Micro Focus (Fortify)


Micro Focus majorly delivers enterprise services and solutions to its users in the areas of Security and Risk Management, Hybrid IT, DevOps, etc. It provides comprehensive app security testing services across various platforms, devices, servers, networks, etc. Fortify is one of the smartest security testing tools by Micro Focus which secures mobile applications before getting installed on a mobile device.


  • It performs end to end testing using a flexible delivery model.
  • Security Testing comprises static code analysis and a scheduled scan for mobile applications and gives an accurate result.
  • It helps to identify security vulnerabilities across networks, servers, and clients.
  • It supports various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android, and Blackberry.



It is one of the famous automated mobile app security testing tools to perform mobile application testing. CodifieSecurity discovers and fix security vulnerabilities and make sure that the mobile application is secured enough to use. It provides real-time feedback.


  • It follows a programmatic approach for security testing, which guarantees that the test outcomes are scalable and reliable.
  • It supports both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It is supported by static code analysis and machine learning. It also supports dynamic and static testing in mobile app security testing.
  • It tests a mobile app without fetching the source code. Files can be uploaded in multiple formats like IPA, APK, etc.

WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Express is a security assessment and testing platform offered by WhiteHat Security. It has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in security testing and has also won several awards. It offers services like mobile app security testing, web app security testing, and computer-based training solutions, etc.


  • It is a cloud-based security platform and offers a quick solution using its static and dynamic technology.
  • WhiteHat Sentinel supports both iOS and android platforms. The sentinel platform gives complete information about the project status.
  • It can very easily detect loophole than any other tool or platform.
  • Testing is performed on the actual device by installing the mobile application; it doesn’t use any emulators for testing.



Kiuwan provides a 360º approach to mobile application security testing, with the leading technology coverage.


It comprises static code analysis & software composition analysis and with automation (in any phase) of the Software Development Life Cycle.



Veracode provides services for mobile app security to its global customers. Using an automated cloud-based service, it offers solutions for mobile app and web security. Veracode’s MAST (Mobile Application Security Testing) services determine the security glitches in the mobile app and give instant action to execute the resolution.


  • It is simple to use and gives perfect security testing results. Healthcare and finance apps are tested deeply while the simple web app is tested with a simple scan.
  • In-depth testing is performed using full coverage of mobile app use cases. Veracode Static Analysis gives an accurate and fast code review result.
  • Under a solitary platform, it gives multiple security analyses which counts dynamic, static, and mobile app behavioral analysis.

Solutions — How Can We Help You?

Each of these mobile app security testing tools has its pros and cons. Our expert software testers choose the best security testing tools based on the nature of mobile applications and requirements.

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