10 Best Tools for Building a Great Remote Development Team

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10 Best Tools for Building a Great Remote Development Team

Any good manager knows how important it is to hit deadlines and keep team members happy, all at once. Check out 10 tools for building great remote dev teams.

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Any good manager knows how important it is to finish projects in time and keep the team members happy, all at once. Successful companies tend to focus on work productivity, and you can't do this without increasing your employees' happiness levels first. 

However, is it possible to finish a project within the deadline? Of course, it is if you're willing to use software for assistance.

Without certain apps, there's a slim chance that you can accomplish anything with your team without "burning out."

On the other hand, if you improve the whole process of managing, organizing, and executing things, down to the very last detail, your team will be grateful for providing them with the proper apps to work with.

Project Management and Team Collaboration

Without a project supervisor and team cohesion built to last, the "we-ness" in an organization is lost. When it comes to systematically organize things, you need an app that will gather every staff member, every document, in one place.

1. GanttPRO

User ratings:

The unique tool that allows you to manage your tasks intraday and suitable to the Agile method!", 4.7/5 – Capterra.

"Amazing project management tool", 4.7/5 - G2.

When you need remote teams to work as close and organized as possible on a certain project, GanttPRO is here to take care during the entire process. One of the most effective project management tools on the market, this app is ideal for startups, agencies, and enterprises of different sizes and from different spheres.

Using the Gantt chart and Board view approaches, the software fully serves its purpose. Its developers made sure users could easily adapt to its Gantt chart timeline interface within a few minutes.

Out of the many bonus features, it's worth noting that managers can track time and keep an eye on finances, customize various templates to their liking, and use calendars for any purpose necessary.

More than half a million users already trust GanttPRO. It is a robust project planning tool.

2. Clarizen

User ratings:

"A great SAAS tool to have for your project management teams", 4.2/5 — Capterra.

"User-friendly and smooth operation", 4.1/5 — G2.

This cloud-based software helps to manage multiple projects at once and control the workflow. It provides robust communication with the team and beyond, keeps every employee and stakeholder on track. 

Moreover, Clarizen is a reliable project portfolio management tool. So, if your company has one primary goal to achieve, you can easily create a project portfolio to prioritize, track workflow, and always have an overall look at the team's progress. 

Last but not least. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can always communicate with colleagues, check tasks, and many more by using a Clarizen mobile app. It's available on Android and IOS so you can be   24/7 updated from anywhere in the world.

Elevating HR processes

Today's technology improves HR processes in so many ways. While finding employees used to be time-consuming and inefficient, workflow nowadays is completely the opposite. Where can you find a good HR automation software?

3. CompetencyCore

User ratings:

Fantastic for building competency-based roles”, 3.8/5 – Capterra.

CompetencyCore, designed by HRSG, allows having HR completely under control. Assisted by AI, it makes it much easier for HR managers to hire, keep, and develop workers within a company.

With this tool, HR managers can create and manage any job description for their company, conduct interviews within minutes, create employee career paths using specialized software, and improve the levels of competency among the staff.

While it's great to have the tool for building company roles and conducting interviews, some of its traits for improvement include the complexity of features, lack of notifications and reminders, and question options based on job positions.

Overall, CompetencyCore is a great app to use since its development teams work continuously on upgrading the software and make it as user-friendly as possible.

4. Breezy HR

User ratings:

"A done-for-you repeatable hiring process", 4.5/5 — Capterra.

"New hiring is very easy with Breezy HR", 4.5/5 — G2.

Breezy HR is the tool that allows you and your team to hire effectively, quickly, avoiding confusion and misunderstandings. Most customers in their reviews mention an affordable price, wide feature selection, friendly and easy-to-use interface as a leading soft's benefits. 

Using this web-based software, HR managers can communicate with teammates and mention them. The conversation flows in a real-time so that one won't miss a thing. These features will speed up and optimize the workflow in a company.

Automatization of emails and SMS, interview management will boost the recruitment processes as well. Besides, you can have real conversations with potential workers.

One more benefit of the tool is that you can invite in it as many colleagues as you need.

As reported by Gartner, Breezy HR is the most highly rated HR and applicant tracking tool in the customer satisfaction category.

File and documents sharing

Without organized files and documents in one place, any company would become chaotic, from HR, all the way down to management and daily tasks. Luckily, modern problems have produced modern solutions.

5. Google Drive

User ratings:

"One of the best in the business", 4.7/5 - G2.

Google Drive is the best online storage”, 4.8/5 – Capterra.

A product of Google's best development team, Google Drive is an easy-to-use, robust, and practical solution for file sharing and storage.

There are countless of features available, such as shared calendars, a minimum of 30 GB cloud storage, and essential app integrations such as Sheets, Slides, Sites, Keep, Docs, Hangouts, etc.

Users can share documents, slides, notes, arrange video conferencing calls, engage employees, create personal company emails, and do tons of other things.

While we already mentioned the positive traits of G Suite, some cons include lack of bulk file deletion, the inability to integrate with Office compared to OneDrive, and permissions management. Still, Google's developers hear what users have to say and work hard to make this cloud storage solution perfect.

Based on over 17.000 reviews on Capterra, it has an average user rating of 4.8/5 stars.

6. Dropbox

User ratings:

“Upload with A simple drop! It's so easy”, 4.5/5 — Capterra.

"Will never stop using it!", 4.4/5 — G2.

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms for storing files and documents in one place. All the data is always accessible from every web-browser, computer, and mobile device you use. Due to the friendly UI, you can easily upload files using the drag&drop function. 

Dropbox Basic is a free version that includes 2GB of space. It's not enough for the team, but it's pretty adequate for personal use to try out all the tool's features.

Dropbox Business provides much more storage for teams, a high-level of security via two-factor authentication, integration with Slack and Zoom, and many more useful features.

There is a free trial to be sure the software suits your team.

Team chat/Video calls

For companies with remote workers, video conferencing is essential to keep everyone updated and in the loop. No matter if it is simple day-to-day calls to keep up with projects, or client meetings, this part of the job would be meaningless without proper solutions.

7. Chanty

User ratings:

Made us switch from Fleep”, 5/5 – Capterra.

"Great communication tool", 4.6/5 - G2.

Any simple solution with enough features would cover everything you need for video conferencing and team chat. Such is Chanty, a simple, yet powerful AI-supported software meant to help companies connect with remote staff.

What's so good about Chanty?

To begin with, users don't have to watch tutorials and spend hours trying to figure out how it works. It has a great responsive design and works well on your mobile device. It also helps to manage tasks at hand and allows users to discuss projects via a personalized chat. Most importantly, when going remote, users can share voice messages, engage in video calls at any time, and switch between light and dark themes.

There are many benefits with Chanty, from flawless uptime and great audio calls to integral updates now and then. However, there's still much to be done. For example, there is no “zoom in” option on shared images, custom emojis aren't available, and a major issue present in many other apps - not enough app integrations. Still, the team works hard to fix every flaw suggested by its users.

8. Cisco Webex

User ratings:

“It connects all sectors of our company”, 4.4/5 — Capterra.

"Awesome for online meetings", 4.2/5 — G2.

Another good solution for communication in a remote team is Cisco Webex. Its capabilities make all the teammates, customers, and stakeholders feel closer to each other no matter the distance among them. Thanks to this tool, there is no need to organize meetings or send tons of emails.

The software provides robust chats and video conferences. With its help, it's possible to share the screen with others or record the meeting for those who were absent. To join the meeting, you just need to click on a personal link the host sent you. The number of call participants is not limited.

Before the call, you can always find out more about future interlocutors. Webex allows finding out their backgrounds and companies right in the software.

Also, Webex is integrated with lots of popular tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, GitHub, Salesforce, etc. 

All these features will certainly make your workflow faster, more efficient, and your clients more satisfied.

Shared calendars

Every member of an organization has a calendar that they use to keep track of time, schedules, deadlines, and tasks to be completed. It's great for organizing various events, projects, and other company-related matters. So, this is basically what shared calendars are meant for.

9. Teamup Calendar

User ratings:

"A great started scheduling software", 4.6/5 – Capterra.

"Keeps us all up to date", 4.8/5 - G2.

Teamup Calendar is used by companies of all sizes to organize company events, tasks, and highlight important dates. Managers acting as calendar administrators set up the monthly or quarterly schedule, while the rest of the staff follows.

Some of its main features include organizing by color, scheduling, easy sharing and access, and levels of access. For example, different users may gain different access levels, especially members who are not part of the organization.

It's pretty simple to use and create tasks with, so you won't have to provide training or watch tutorial videos, even if you're a beginner.

Users praise this app for its simplicity and efficiency. On the other hand, some of its cons include lack of integrations within other apps and mobile devices and lack of meeting request features compared to its competitors.

10. Calendly

User ratings:

“Great way for people to get on your calendar!”, 4.6/5 — Capterra.

"Calendly is an essential tool for my business and my work-life balance", 4.7/5 — G2.

This automated online tool will help you not to mess up the daily schedule. It created for everyone who doesn't like sending lots of emails while finding the right meeting time. The software allows working faster and smarter, avoiding stress and confusion.

Calendly is easy to understand, enjoyable to use, and configure. The interface is friendly and straightforward, so there won't be a problem even for beginners to deal with it. 

You just need to share the link to let your invitee check your calendar and choose a meeting date. The software has a mobile app, so it's easy to access if the link was shared on a social network. 

Lifehack: adding your schedule on Linkedin or email signature will increase the tool's effectiveness and speed up working processes. The program also allows you to adjust the maximum number of meetings per day.

The tool provides a basic version. It's free but not fully-featured. To check out all the available benefits, there is a free 14-day trial.

To summarize, it's highly important to invest in your team because without them, companies wouldn't exist. A few ways to do it is to improve the workflow, organize teams and tasks, and schedule team-building events.

Ultimately, improving staff happiness and morale will lead your team to victory, no matter the size and difficulty of a project. Do you agree with this point of view? 

Share your thoughts with us below.

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