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10 Groups and Companies Testers Should Follow on LinkedIn

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10 Groups and Companies Testers Should Follow on LinkedIn

A font of knowledge of what groups you should follow on LinkedIn for up-to-date testing news.

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Getting in the Know on LinkedIn

Are you a tester on LinkedIn? We all know the benefits of having a well-maintained LinkedIn profile: being reached out to by recruiters, showing off our skills, having a place to display recommendations, networking, selling yourself, etc. But, did you know that LinkedIn is also filled with useful content for one’s career, related to every industry? In order to cut out the noise and find the best software testing content, we recommend these 10 groups and companies testers should follow on LinkedIn to get the most out of it.

Groups Testers Should Join on LinkedIn

QA and Testing Group

With 90,000+ members, there is always great discussion to be found here!

Software Testing and Quality Group

Similar to the QA and Testing Group, this is a general group devoted to testing but it is much smaller, with almost 30,000 members. According to the description, this group "Puts people in touch with other software testing professionals, to meet, discuss, and share ideas within the software and system testing marketplace."

Test Magazine

TEST Magazine is widely regarded as the leading journal for software testing and quality assurance in Europe and beyond. Its LinkedIn group is a great place to go to catch up on its articles as well as those of other testers.

Companies Testers Should Follow on LinkedIn

Software Testing Club and Ministry of Testing

The biggest, most well known testing community in Europe and the Americas is the Software Testing Club and Ministry of Testing. These websites were created by a tester for testers. You can find fun competitions, events, insightful webinars, blog posts, forums, etc. that help testers improve their craft.


Techbeacon is an initiative by HPE whos mission is to publish about all aspects of development including agile, DevOps, performance, security, etc. According to its LinkedIn page, “TechBeacon is an exciting, fast-growing information hub for development, IT and security professionals seeking guidance to real business challenges.” Instead of checking the site everyday, a great way to stay up to date is by following TechBeacon on LinkedIn.


One of our corporate partners, BlazeMeter provides a tool that ensures the delivery of high-performance software by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against any mobile app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery.

Its LinkedIn company page is one of the best resources for finding useful webinars, blogs, infographics (read this one on how to pick the best open source load testing tool), etc. for improving your load testing skills and amplifying your performance testing knowledge with a variety of tools.

New Relic

The newest addition to our community of partners, New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time. Its comprehensive SaaS-based solution provides a powerful interface for web and native mobile applications and consolidates the performance monitoring data for any chosen technology in your environment.

Why follow New Relic on LinkedIn? New Relic posts great videos, articles, etc that anyone interested in keeping web system performance up will appreciate. You may also like when it posts some comic relief:

New Relic MLB

When the site is down and you can't figure out why.. https://newrelic.com/mlb

SmartBear Software

SmartBear makes several tools to help businesses create high quality software with a large amount of its portfolio dedicated to testing APIs. Just this month, it hosted the REST API Challenge in which participants could win a drone. Besides this fun contest, we are fans here of the SmartBear blog because it always publishes timely and relevant content which the company then shares to its LinkedIn page.


Experitest (another one of our corporate partners) is the world’s leading provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, including manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for mobile applications. Experitest does a great job of posting content that testers enjoy, especially images with funny or inspirational quotes or fun facts that explain the need for testing like this one:

mobile application super bowl

Abstracta QA

Last but not least, I must say, it’s a great idea for any tester to follow our own LinkedIn page! We post articles about performance testing, test automation, mobile testing, agile, testing career advice, etc.

We also have a Showcase page dedicated to our performance testing certification course. If you’d like to become a performance tester, you might want to check it out!

And that concludes the list for today!

Do you enjoy using LinkedIn to be a better tester? Or do you prefer hanging out on other social networks?

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