10 Lessons Learned From Building Cloud Native Microservices [Slides and Videos]

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10 Lessons Learned From Building Cloud Native Microservices [Slides and Videos]

The days of giant, centralized middlewhere are dwindling. Containers and microservices are meshing with cloud-native development to make communication more nimble.

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I want to share my slide deck and video recordings from the talk "10 Lessons Learned from Building Cloud Native Middleware Microservices" at O'Reilly Software Architecture April 2017 in New York, USA in April 2017.

Microservices are the next step after SOA. Services implement a limited set of functions; services are developed, deployed, and scaled independently; continuous delivery automates deployments. This way you get shorter time to results and increased flexibility. Containers improve things even more, offering a very lightweight and flexible deployment option.

In the middleware world, you use concepts and tools such as an enterprise service bus (ESB), complex event processing (CEP), business process management (BPM), or API gateways. Many people still think about complex, heavyweight central brokers. However, microservices and containers are not only relevant for custom self-developed applications but are also a key requirement to make the middleware world more flexible, Agile, and automated.

I'm sharing 10 lessons learned from building cloud-native microservices in the middleware world, including the concepts behind cloud native, choosing the right cloud platform, and when not to build microservices at all, and leads a live demo showing how to apply these lessons to real-world projects by leveraging Docker, CloudFoundry, and Kubernetes to realize cloud-native middleware microservices.

Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck "10 Lessons Learned from Building Cloud Native Middleware Microservices":

Cloud Native Middleware Microservices - 10 Lessons Learned from Kai Wähner

Video Recordings/Live Demos

Here are two video recordings that demo how to apply the discussed lessons learned with middleware and open source frameworks:

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