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The 10 Most Popular DB Engines: NoSQL Catching up to RDBMS

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You may have heard about the first part of this report from Lukas Eder last week - The 10 Most Popular DB Engines (SQL and NoSQL) - but this week, DB-Engines has published a deeper analysis of the original data. The new report has some pie charts and graphs to absorb, which clarify an important point about the data and the trends represented: The popularity of RDBMS dwarfs that of NoSQL databases, but a big part of that is the sheer volume of RDBMS in the world today.

When you look at the graph of popularity trends, though, there is a clear upward shift in NoSQL databases, particularly graph databases. It's a long way to get to the popularity of RDBMS, says DB-Engines, but it is the way the trend is pointing.

Check out the full report for all of DB-Engines' analyses and visuals. It'll be interesting to see what these charts look like a few years from now!

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