10 Nifty Tips To Bolster Selenium Test Automation

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10 Nifty Tips To Bolster Selenium Test Automation

These 10 tips for Selenium test automation will empower your scripts and supercharge your automation efforts.

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It is now common to see businesses that have transitioned to Selenium test automation. And with reliable feedback on brand-new features, it is easy to see why automated browser testing has become the new norm.

Although there are no rigid guidelines for composing Selenium test automation scripts, there are unwritten rules that you can follow to write much better test scripts.

In this article, I'll share 10 helpful tips for Selenium test automation. This will enable you to gain the most value out of your automation screening efforts.

Test Early And Test Frequently

Among the best practices for Selenium test automation is to test both early and often. And due to companies having moved away from the waterfall model, it has become crucial for testers to entrench themselves in the development process.

As testing measures have become more hands-on, the concept of ‘shift left testing’ has arisen. This method has enabled testers to create test cases in advance.

The idea behind this process is to alleviate the occurrence of bugs, which can occur after development is finalized. Testers can now offer their input and assist developers in a way that enhances the user experience.

It is important to begin automatic browser testing as quickly as possible. Browser testing should then continue to be conducted when it is needed. 

The sooner you begin testing, the earlier you can discover potential bugs. This will save you both time and resources in your SDLC (Software Advancement Life Cycle).

Utilize A BDD Structure

BDD — or Behavior Driven Development — is a popular development method used when performing Selenium Test Automation. BDD allows testers to write Selenium test automation cases in simple language. This allows anybody — regardless of their coding knowledge – to understand test automation cases.

This assists testers to create a bridge between their business teams and technical teams. As a result, there is enhanced collaboration between team members on any given task.

By composing your Selenium test automation scripts with BDD, you enable specifications; thus allowing your team to better comprehend test requirements.

Use Selenium Wait Commands Instead Of Thread.sleep()

Web applications often take time to load due to network speed, server issues, and multiple other reasons. To combat this, it is recommended that you pause your scripts. This allows time for all components to sufficiently load.

One method of pausing your script is to utilize the Thread.sleep() function. This lets you pause your test script for an allotted time. 

In faster circumstances, you may lose extra time running Selenium test automation. Alternatively, in slower circumstances, the result will likely be a failure. To avoid such situations, you need to integrate implicit waits or explicit waits.

Set Up Selenium Test Automation Reports

To ensure better Selenium test automation results, you need to track how your tests are carried out. The automation testing report assists you to improve the readability of test outcomes. This also decreases the time that is needed to maintain test data.

By generating Selenium test automation reports, this will allow you to conserve time, as you handle test data more easily. You are then able to gain greater control over tests.

Use Page Item Design

When the User Interface for a web application changes, so do the locators associated with it. When this occurs, all tests need to be composed again. It is possible to do this – by using Page Object Model. And thanks to POM, there is no need to modify your test scripts more than once.

With POM, you simply need to alter page objects. All locators are in one central repository. Not only this, but every website has a different page class. This makes the job reliable, as there is no need for the designer to scan the entire code and test scripts. 

Take Automated Screenshots For Failure Examination

Your Selenium test automation script is likely to encounter bugs at some point. When this occurs, it is recommended that you gather automatic screenshots of your test script execution through a Selenium Grid.

Design Tests Prior To Automating 

Before you start to automate tests, it is best to produce test cases. If you move into automation without an appropriate test design, this can prove to be hazardous. This is why a test style — along with a suitable method and preparation — is necessary for Selenium test automation success. 

Testers should consider different scenarios that can enable them to carry out proficient screenings. It is not advised that you lower the screening scope just to make sure the test passes. 

Selenium test automation will also allow testers to develop test scripts using several program languages.

Don't Just Rely On An Automation Tool 

Automation tools are a vital component of many screening activities, such as automated web browser testing. However, it is still important to utilize additional tools if you are considering changing to an automated browser screening framework.

Some people falsely believe that if they pick the best tool, automating anything is possible. Whilst this may simplify the process, testing will be unable to be commenced without adequate resources.

Often, when using automation tools without any human intervention, there is an error when dealing with complex items on a software application. However, if you have skilled resources, the tool can be diverted past any complications.

Identify Which Tests To Automate 

One of the best practices for automation screening is recognizing which tests to automate. When automating tests, it is best to include visual scenarios such as typefaces, colors, and layout structure. You can also automate the screening of static content such as logo designs and titles. As this type of content rarely changes, it should be quite simple to automate.

Automate The Most Predictable And Regular Test Cases

Some test cases go especially well with automation. You can identify the test cases with regular occurrences and which are the most predictable.

As an example, by clicking on a certain tab, an app may begin to launch. This is a general test with a provision. By understanding the likelihood of an event, the result can become predictable. 

To minimize the repetition of executions, it is possible to automate these types of test cases.

In Summary

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with a beneficial starting point to automate testing.

When it comes to improving Selenium test automation, there are a host of options at your disposal. And keep in mind that if you can locate bugs at an early stage, this will significantly bolster your efforts. 

Best of luck with your testing.

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