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10 Questions Wonderful PO’s Ask (Alternatives to WTF?)

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10 Questions Wonderful PO’s Ask (Alternatives to WTF?)

You know you have a good product owner if they ask questions like this. If you're a product owner, make sure you ask these questions.

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Product Owners navigate a precarious tightrope between human and developer logic. Wonderful ones inspire, woeful ones frustrate. They’re invariably caught in a political maelstrom, making a tough job tougher, but it’s a job that makes all the difference to team and product.

Good POs breathe curiosity. When my reaction is WTF, I see others courageously putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and exploring their world with intelligent and insightful questions:

  • “Would you be willing to share that experience with our development team?”

  • “Will you come and see what we’re working on? We really value you’re experience and ideas”

  • “I understand you need it all, but can you help me understand the relative value of each of your requests?”

  • “That’s really costly, can you help us find an alternative?”

  • “Can you help me understand why that’s important to you?”

  • “If you didn’t have to do it that way, how would you do it?”

  • “I’ve seen others do it this way, would that work for you?”

  • “What kind of things go wrong? Can we work through how we’d deal with that?”

  • “What would you do if the software didn’t exist?”

  • “How does using our software make you feel?”

Empathetic questions are software's secret sauce.

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