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10 Reason Why Google Lost The Social Media War

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10 Reason Why Google Lost The Social Media War

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Google+ lost about 60 percent of its users in the recent past. This was a huge blow to the company since closure of some its divisions like Google Labs in order to concentrate more on the social media. Facebook seems to do just fine compared to Google plus. This is due to the large numbers of users almost 20 times more compared to other social platforms. Here are 10 reasons why Google failed at social media.


1. Minimal activity on the site

This is among the huge mistakes committed by Google+. They do not give the users enough reason to make use and continue using the site. Apart from the hangouts and streams, there are no other activities that users can engage in. Facebook has managed to keep its users due to the various activities they offer. Most users on Facebook spend an average of 15 hours. The lack of activities in Google+ has resulted to poor feedback despite its 50 million users.


2. Unavailability of brand names

Popular brand names like to associate with social media. This was a great opportunity for Google to embrace hence provide more activities to its users. Rumors had it that pages would appear in the months of August or July which never happened. Brands that declared an interest by opening personalized accounts received a blow as they were shoved away and accounts banned and penalized too. The site requires the brands more rather than vice versa.


3. Lack of people to identify with

Most people who were active in the site decided to shift as most of their family members and friends are using Google+. Google+ has the inability to attract the less knowledgeable which is a very critical aspect in social media. This explains the huge gap between Facebook and Google+.


4. Poor naming policies

Google+ allows people to use only their real names when opening accounts. This has led to closure of most accounts hence individual losing some other services like calendar and Gmail.


5. No reason and heart

Most people know the reason they use Facebook and Twitter but that is not the same with Google+. People use it just because it is a Google brand.


6. Not easy to use

Most individuals have little knowledge of using Google+ unlike other sites which are easy to understand and use at the same time.


7. A lot of build-up

People had anticipated becoming part of the site owing to the fact that it was not introduced to the public until September 20. Later they found it to be over-hyped and not appealing.


8. Private circles

Google circles are meant for people to place you where they think you belong. There are detonations for either public or limited on streams that people post. Some people find that their friends have been labelled acquaintances causing alarm in users.


9. Minimal monopoly

Facebook has greater number of users leading to higher monopoly. A post on Facebook is much viral compared to one on Google+.


10. Inability to attract a greater audience

Google has made several attempts to attract users but with minimal success. This is due to minimal products.

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