10 Timeline Makers to Keep Track of Development Projects

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10 Timeline Makers to Keep Track of Development Projects

As a project manager, you have a lot to keep track of. Check out some of these tools that allow you to create an interactive plan of work.

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Timelines are key parts of all plans. If you are engaged in teamwork on a project, you and team members have tasks. Tasks, in their turn, have start and end dates as well as dependencies. All these elements constitute a timeline maker.

But let’s first figure out what a timeline is.

What Is a Timeline?

A chronological order of events or stages of particular processes makes a timeline. Any project, regardless of its industry, size, and the number of participants, should have a timeline. As I have stated, it includes 4 key elements:

  • Tasks.
  • Duration of said tasks.
  • Start and end dates.
  • Dependencies between tasks.

So, a timeline clearly visualizes the development of plans, especially complicated ones. This is the case for software development projects, with their variety of tasks and stages. To keep track, a manager and his team need to know which tasks are already accomplished, which ones are in progress, and which ones lay ahead. Therefore, it is of critical importance to be able to build timelines and follow them.

Software development project managers can use timelines to draw attention to tasks, milestones, and other relevant information in chronological order. It is also a great way to show project progress to stakeholders.

To save your time, I prepared a list of 10 timeline makers. They allow users to easily build any timeline and work with it.

1. Office Timeline

With the help of this tool, managers can make professional timelines inside PowerPoint with a built-in feature. Here users are free to create colorful milestones and manage all their tasks in a Gantt chart view. Options allow for the adding of task details, such as their duration, start date, and what percentage of that task has been completed.

Why Create a Timeline in Office Timeline?

Users make timelines with the help of Gantt charts – one of the most convenient ways to display tasks and their dependencies along a time bar. You will also like the intuitive interface, import options from Excel, Microsoft Project, Smartsheet, or Wrike. Office Timeline offers more than 30 free templates.

2. Timeline Maker

This powerful, online timeline editor combines several ways to chart your progress. It deploys bar, Gantt, and flag charts, and chronologies to best present your data. Whether you need to report on the progress of your current development project, prepare a presentation or even a business report, this timeline maker serves well for all these purposes.

Why Create a Timeline in Timeline Maker?

The timeline creator has a powerful functionality with some features you will definitely like. Users can build a timeline with embedded themes and a library of styles, add links to external documents, files, websites and other sources, comment, leave feedback, share with others, and many other useful actions.

3. GanttPRO

This timeline generator has a classical Gantt chart view. As I already stated, Gantt chart is among the best ways to build a timeline. Create tasks, assign them, track their progress and set dependencies for them. The Gantt chart software allows you to manage your projects like a pro.

Why Create a Timeline in GanttPRO?

GanttPRO serves well for many purposes. It is a solid project management tool with cool features. Here users can manage projects and see everything right in front of them on one timeline. Collaboration with a team, export, import, history of changes, real-time notifications, custom colors and skins, ready-made templates – and this is not even the full list of features!

4. MyHistro

Share your personal stories by combining maps and timelines. Convert them into pdf files and include them in your presentations. The tool is also great for training purposes and marketing campaigns. Have you hired a new developer and want to showcase him in the company’s history or product development stages? MyHistro significantly eases all the relevant processes.

Why Create a Timeline in MyHistro?

The tool itself is innovative as it combines timelines and maps. You can include text, pictures, video, define their location on Google maps, and much more. You can even share it on social networks.

5. TimeGlider

TimeGlider is web-based software for project planning. Here users create timelines with graphics and even blurbs. Grab a timeline and drag it from left to right, zoom in and out – create timelines in the way you usually do with online maps. Users can browse events at any moment with scrutiny. Choose years if you develop a project for a long period of time or hours when details count and require much attention and emphasis.

Why Create a Timeline in TimeGlider?

It is easy to add audio, video files, and images. If you need to share your timeline, you can do it with TimeGlider by creating a URL. Users can also embed that URL into their code.

6. Smartdraw

An all-star service that offers a variety of diagrams for a timeline. It’s very efficient and can be used for different purposes. You'll be able to choose from more than 70 ready-made diagrams with more than 4500 templates.

Why Create a Timeline in Smartdraw?

The free online timeline maker is easily integrated with Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It simplifies collaboration with your team allowing for fast sharing via a link.

7. Free-Timeline

The name speaks for itself. This platform is very easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. Nevertheless, it possesses those features that are needed to create a good timeline.

Why Create a Timeline in Free-Timeline?

Just open it and you will see for yourself how simplicity can offer good functionality. To create a timeline here, no signup is required. The timeline maker is absolutely free and offers desktop, mobile, and tablet versions. Users are free to import files in .CSV format.

8. Preceden

This timeline creator is good for text-based timelines. It has an intuitive interface similar to Gantt chart view. Users can use Preceden to make timelines to visualize tasks, dates, milestones, and deadlines. It also serves well for biography creation.

Why Create a Timeline in Preceden?

The key word about this timeline maker is "easy." Tasks are created in minutes and don’t look bulky. If you need to look at a certain detail about a task, just hover over it with your mouse.

It is easy to customize the way your timeline looks. Export and solid sharing options are available.

9. TimeToast

You will not find a variety of rocking features in TimeToast, but still, it is a powerful solution to create a timeline. In TimToast you'll find only basic features – the ability to work with text and images. Nevertheless, even possessing types of files can allow a tool to increase your efficiency.

Why Create a Timeline in TimeToast?

It’s easy, and simplicity is a virtue.

10. Sutori

To tell the truth, this timeline maker was developed specifically for the educational sector. But users can benefit from using it in different spheres. The tool is great for depicting historical events and a succession of events in general. So break down your project into meaningful parts or milestones, and with the help of Sutori, you’ll get a clearly visualized picture.

Why Create a Timeline in Sutori?

Users can add text, pictures, and video to their timelines. There are drag-and-drop sliders and advanced capabilities that allow you to work with text on a timeline. Users can save their timelines and print them. Also, it is possible for multiple users to edit timelines at the same time.

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