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10 Unanswered Questions to Oracle

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I am in Stockholm attending the keynote of the Jfokus conference. Yesterday, the first day of the conference, was quite a good day and I bet it will be even better today, but at the moment I am bit upset listening to this Oracle guy trying to explain to me what a wonderful year 2010 has been thanks to Oracle's efforts. So here the 10 questions I would like to ask to this guy and I hadn't a chance to:

1. What do you think about the 2 years delay in bringing project lambda and project jigsaw to Java? If I say to my client that I made a mistake in my estimations and he has to wait another 2 long years to see the features he needs delivered, I don't think he would be so happy. So why should I be happy of the current situation?

2. Why have so many smart people, including James Gosling, the father of Java, decided to leave Oracle?

3. What do you think about Oracle suing Google for apparently no better reason than that day was raining and the lawyers couldn't go to play golf as usual?

4. What about the awful organization of JavaOne 2010 being just the ugly stepchild of the Oracle Dev?

5. Why have the same Oracle lawyers decided to ask to remove JUnit from NetBeans? Still raining?

6. Why did those lawyers also oblige Hudson's guys to change the name of the project?

7. Do you reallly have so many rainy days in California?

8. What do you think about Apache Software Foundation resigning from the JCP executive committee? Isn't it very bad news for the whole Java community?

9. What's the future of MySQL?

10. Which are Oracle plans for Java in 2011 (of course except making enough money with it in order to prepare the defense of the America's Cup)?

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