10 Ways to Keep Users Engaged With Your Mobile Application

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10 Ways to Keep Users Engaged With Your Mobile Application

There are a ton of apps out there on the market, and it's easy for users to forget about yours. Make sure that doesn't happen with these tips.

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It’s a fact today that users are surrounded by a number of mobile apps. However, making them stay on your app is a challenge that many mobile app developers fail to stand against. With industry experience and after analyzing successful applications, I came across the following tactics and tips to keep users engaged with mobile applications.

To grab the attention of users, we present following tips that would help you improve app engagement numbers.

1. Drive Downloads With App Store Listing

You might be wondering why we are talking about an element that's outside of the app itself. It's because engagement with the user begins right from the App Store, so it’s important to strengthen the bond right from beginning.

To start solving the problem, consider the following points, such as what kinds of difficulties your app aims to crack, how to resolve those complications, and why people should download your app at all. Try to define benefits to users rather than features. Take clues from featured apps which may provide inspiration for better listing.

2. Go Slow With Onboarding

The first time a user comes across your app is critical because it will decide the fate of your app. With onboarding, your objective is to induce trials. So, focus on giving users time to settle down by keeping it as hassle-free as possible and trying not to overwhelm your users with features that are not immediately required (such as out-of-context emails, FAQs, and other useless notifications).

Meanwhile, try to provide them with relevant information. Allowing the ability to provide feedback within the app significantly upsurges your chance for improvisation.

3. Speed Up Your Performance

With pizza getting delivered with a tweet and rides getting booked with the tap of a button, society has grown more demanding than ever. Anything slower than two seconds is considered slow in the app world. To avoid users abandoning your app, it is important you focus on speed as an intrinsic feature. This will help make sure your users know that the app is dependable and fast. You would be able to establish yourself as a reliable provider of mobile app development services.

4. Use Push Notifications to Connect With Users

Apps that go noiseless for a long period tend to be forgotten easily in the sea of apps and eventually get deleted. To curb this issue, push notifications play a great role. They also ensure you retain your users and keep them connected (if they're used wisely). Push notifications allow developers to offer relevant information to users, encourage engagement, trigger recognition and enhance participation.

5. Focus on Keeping Your App Updated

Users are offered millions of options on the app market to choose from; in such cases, if they don’t find your app in sync with their requirements, they will not pause for a moment before deleting your app. They’ll easily get distracted by other similar apps with better features and user experience. Your failure to update your app may compel users to move out. To show users your dedication and commitment towards your app, focus on providing updates from time to time.

The more updates, the better your chances are to improve your rankings, download rate, and app stability. To decide the update frequency, you can take feedback from users so you can accomplish their latest demands. This will help you add more features to your app or enhance the already present features, fix issues or bugs, and make the app more user-friendly.

6. Craft an Experience for Users

It’s an undeniable fact that many apps get consumed only once because user engagement doesn’t depend on the number of downloads but on the overall experience an app is trying to deliver to the users. Ensure that mobile app development services are provided with the aim of delivering valuable experience; keep the latest trend of app marketplace in mind and focus on achieving simplicity and instinctive designs. Try to simplify the user experience by providing a guided tour to introduce your app. Your app can also have overlayed help screens to ease the understanding of features and interface.

7. Try Mobile Deep Linking

Before plunging deep into how mobile app development companies can take advantage of Deep Linking, let’s discuss what Deep Linking means in mobile app terms. It’s URL equivalent for mobile Apps which supports in transferring users directly on specific place in an App when its opened for the first time. This progresses the users experience, saves valuable time and engages the user.

8. Raise A Community on Social Media Platforms

You have customers and your customers use social media, but this doesn’t mean that you have a customer community. Why do you even need a customer community?

One major advantage of having a community is that it allows you to involve as many users without them having an app experience. The feedback of your app given by users on social media platforms will fetch attention of other users. So, cross-channel sharing of your app should feature high on your promotion agenda.

9. Breathe a Game Element Into The App

To make sure your users return to your app, add a touch of a game element like giving them chance to be the top user of your app. Users today are competitive and you can fuel this by implementing strategies like awarding points for using the app for specific functions – like opening the app once in the day or sharing the app on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ or for browsing products or buying products with it.

10. Offer Rewards

You could link points won by users to rewards such as discount coupons or gift cards. This will guarantee that users spend more time on your app. You'll be able to engage users and stoke a degree of interest in them.

Rewards will make sure they have a reason to come back to you, making it a win-win for both.

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