Concerns With the Java Ecosystem

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Concerns With the Java Ecosystem

Eleven concerns with the Java ecosystem, including Android, Oracle, and challenges.

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To more thoroughly understand the state of the Java ecosystem, we asked 11 executives about their biggest concerns about the current and future state of the Java ecosystem. 

Specifically we spoke to:

Anthony Kilman, Tech Lead, AppDynamics |Gil Tene, CTO, Azul Systems |Bhartendu Sharma, Vice President of Operations, Chetu |Charles Kendrick, CTO and Chief Architect, Isomorphic Software | Fred Simon, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, JFrog | Ray Auge, Senior Software Architect, Liferay |Michael Hunger, Lead Developer Advocate, Neo Technology |Brandon Allgood, PhD, CTO, Numerate | Dr. Andy Piper, CTO, Push Technology | Jonas Bonér, Founder and CTO, Typesafe | Toomas Rὅmer, CTO and Founder, ZeroTurnaround

Several expressed concern over the ongoing tensions between Oracle and Google (Android) and its potential to hurt Java.

Here’s what they said:

  1. I’m concerned with Android. Oracle and Google need to stop fighting over Android and work together to come up with good solutions.
  2. I had an underlying fear Oracle would be less dedicated to keeping Java open than Sun was (acquired in 2010) but this has not come to fruition. The ethos of the two companies was not the same. The patent fight with Google has been disconcerting.
  3. The challenge is to move slowly enough so people can embrace change - it’s an ongoing challenge. Some people don’t want it to change. Jigsaw - modularity for Java - keeps core pieces in tact while pushing out non-core pieces. I’m not a big fan and I don’t think we need it. Oracle does a good job of managing the direction of Java. The acquisition went OK. The latest release is good, well thought out. Some people may not think it’s “cool” but it is effective.
  4. Initially I was concerned about Oracle’s acquisition of Sun but Oracle has actually done a better job than Sun promoting the community and maintaining fair access.
  5. No. I’m curious about when Jigsaw will actually be fully functional. I know some of it’s coming in Java 9 but not all of it.
  6. It has a good feature set - APIs for just-in-time compilers. Java is almost in the same league with C and C++. It’s easier to find Java developers. Since Oracle took over, it’s been a little slow making Java the next generation language. Google/Android brought Java back into the limelight.
  7. Everyone is always looking for something new. There’s a wealth of information being overlooked. This is very dangerous. IT doesn’t have a historical base - this is a problem for all of these new languages. People are trying to create a new language rather than solve a problem. There’s a lot of wasted effort.
  8. Yes on a very detailed level. I hope they will continue to listen to the community and drive innovation. We’re involved in development but not in the JSRs.
  9. I’m concerned with Oracle and Google fighting over Android. APIs are being copyrighted. I’m afraid of the big players - they could do something that’s not in the best interest of Java from my perspective. The JCP helps but big companies can do what they want - they’re a necessary evil.
  10. More commercial entities, like IBM and Oracle, have control. They are buying and integrating a lot of companies and products and you don’t know where it’s going. They have not paid enough attention to security with the internet and IoT. We need to focus more on security moving forward.
  11. I’m concerned with Oracle’s willingness to litigate innovation out of existence, specifically their lawsuit against Android, could easily cause many partners to jump ship to another platform, causing Java to stagnate.

Do you share the concerns over the ongoing battles between Oracle and Google?

Do you have any other concerns about the ecosystem the executives didn’t mention?

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