11 IT Tool Integrations to Optimize Your Enterprise Software Delivery [Webinar]

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11 IT Tool Integrations to Optimize Your Enterprise Software Delivery [Webinar]

Integrating cutting-edge tools into your development pipeline can optimize your software delivery. Learn about some of the best tools in this recorded webinar.

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Time and time again, you've heard that the world is digital and that every company is a tech company. That software delivery is what gives you a competitive edge. And that you need all the right tools, people and methodologies (Agile, DevOps etc.) to accelerate the speed of delivery and quality of your software products.

You've probably also heard that Value Stream Integration is the missing piece - the secret sauce - behind all the best IT transformations in the world. That connecting your best-of-breed tools for planning, building and delivering software at scale, and automatically flowing project-critical information between practitioners, is absolutely vital to optimize the process.

If all your specialist teams are to collaborate efficiently and effectively when scaling operations, they need to be working as one. That all work must be visible, traceable and manageable, with no costly manual work required to share important knowledge about a product's status and development. But what does that all look like in reality?

We've analyzed over 300 leading enterprises - all high-performing IT organizations - to identify similarities between their software delivery value streams. What we found was that these enterprises all realize the massive value of end-to-end process automation beyond DevOps and the CI/CD pipeline.

In our latest webinar, we discuss the compelling insights that we have gleaned, including:

  • How IT tool integration accelerates enterprise software delivery
  • How to implement 11 popular tool integration patterns
  • Strategies to reach integration maturity through chained integration patterns

We also share the results of an analysis of 1,000 tool integrations, including how IT organizations are implementing a sophisticated integration infrastructure layer to automate the flow of work from ideation to production.

If you missed the live webinar, just click on this link.

You can also read more about our research in our press release, Tasktop Research: Largest Enterprises Now Extending DevOps Process Automation Beyond Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery.

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