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11 Reasons You Can't Miss Jenkins User Conference 2015

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11 Reasons You Can't Miss Jenkins User Conference 2015

DZone's Ben Ball lists eleven reasons why developers should attend Jenkins User Conference 2015 to learn more about continuous integration.

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You’re probably already very familiar with Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise—we’re always talking about using Jenkins in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) as a best practice for software delivery; it’s been the subject of a Refcard and is widely talked about in the 2015 Guide to Continuous Delivery.

And now that we’re entering conference season, and you’re pitching various trip expenses to the boss, you should definitely plan to attend a 2015 Jenkins User Conference this year.

Let’s break it down into why Jenkins User Conference 2015 is a must attend:

  1. Sessions on sessions on sessions on sessions. Who doesn’t love a good sessions lineup? They’ve got the U.S. East and Europe sessions up and ready to go.
  2. Kohsuke Kawaguchi is going to be there. Yeah, that Kohsuke Kawaguchi! (Here’s a hint: he created Jenkins.)
  3. The Ask the Experts Q&A sessions is back – bring your most pressing Jenkins-related issues to them and get answers from the true experts!
  4. You can network with the vibrant 100K+ Jenkins community. That’s a lot of developers.
  5. Hold up, Gene Kim is going to be there too as a keynote speaker. He’s one of the venerable fathers of DevOps… you don’t want to miss what he has to say. He’s also going to be doing a book signing.
  6. The Jenkins butler is going to be there… IN PERSON. You can get a picture with him too.
  7. Discover some of the coolest technologies available for Jenkins, an opportunity you can’t really get elsewhere.
  8. You have a chance to win a coveted Jenkins bobblehead (you need this on your desk!) for completing a Jenkins trivia contest; there will be tough competition, but seriously, you need that bobblehead.
  9. Get a kick-ass t-shirt—no one can knock CloudBees swag, it’s always great stuff.
  10. Convince your boss that the Europe conference is really the way to go—but really, there’s four conferences and they’re totally global. They have conferences in the U.S. (Alexandria, VA), Europe (London), Israel (Tel Aviv), and U.S. West (Santa Clara).
  11. What other amazing conference is priced this low? Pricing just became 2-for-1. If you register and add a friend onto your registration, their price comes up as a big whopping $0. So with the Early Bird discount of $299, the price is effectively $149.50 for two full days of JUC goodness. The 2-for-1 promo is going to keep going, but the early bird price ends on May 15th.

I think the reasons are pretty clear. Plus, you'll likely catch us at the U.S. East conference, and we have some cool swag of our own!

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