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Upcoming Meetups for Mule Developers

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Upcoming Meetups for Mule Developers

Check out these upcoming Mule developer meetups worldwide, where devs discuss and learn about API-led connectivity and management, and more.

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We recently launched a new MuleSoft Meetup program and, in the two months since, we have had over 25 meetups in 9 countries-–bringing people together to explore, teach, and learn about API-led connectivity!

Check out some of the highlights from August and see what future Meetups in September and October have in store!

Meetup Highlights From August

August has been a busy month for our Meetup leaders, cities including AtlantaNYCBoston, and London all held Meetups. We are also excited to have São PauloChristchurchMelbourne, and Perth hold their very first Meetups in September! Here are some highlights for past Meetups:

San Paulo Meetup leader Anupam Gogoi did an incredible job organizing the first ever Meetup in Brazil. He kicked off the group with a discussion on API-Led Connectivity, and then followed up with presentations about Event Architecture, File Upload Strategy, and Mule 4 Beta. Want to find out more? Explore the details of this Meetup!

mulesoft sao paulo meetup

Meanwhile, in Christchurch, Kian Ting led the first Meetup in New Zealand. The event started with a quick overview of developer resources, such as MuleSoft’s training and certifications, as well as an overview of how developers can use the Champions program as a knowledge resource.

The technical portion of the Meetup discussed MUnit––a flexible tool for unit, service, and end-to-end testing.  

mulesoft meetup developer

If you’re interested in what was covered in this Meetup, check out the presentation slides and read a full recap of the Meetup on Kian Ting’s blog.

In Perth, Zubair Aslam held the first Meetup for the region. The event kicked off with a light-hearted brainstorming session on future topics ideas, and concluded with an introduction to Anypoint Platform, and a quick overview of designing, developing, running, and managing the RESTful APIs. Interested in learning more? Read a complete recap of the meetup event by Zubair.

mulesoft meetup 2017

Upcoming Meetups Worldwide

If you missed any of the past Meetups, don’t fret! For the next couple weeks, we have 11 Meetups planned around the world (all times in local time, unless otherwise noted):

1. Boston, MA

September 26th – 6:00pm

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Hear from ASICS’ Runkeepers about their journey with MuleSoft, and get a preview of what’s next with Anypoint Platform.

2. Washington, D.C.

September 26th – 6:00pm

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In this first Washington, D.C. Mulesoft event, local co-leaders Satish Reddy (AhaApps) and Gavin Britto (Deloitte) will do a walkthrough of connecting Salesforce instances using MuleSoft.

3. San Francisco, CA
September 27th – 5:45pm

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We are excited to hold the first Meetup in San Francisco! After discussing amongst a group of avid MuleSoft users, local leader Felipe Ocadiz decided that there was a strong interest in MUnit. Therefore, we will dedicate the topic of the first Meetup to “MUnit in real life.”

4. New York, NY

September 27th – 6:00pm

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Alan Crosswell, AVP & CTO of Columbia University Information Technology, will share how his team is implementing “real” secured by OAuth 2.0 scope enforcement using Anypoint Platform custom policies. John D’Emic, MuleSoft Client Architect, will discuss API Management best practices using Anypoint Platform.

5. Jacksonville, FL

September 28th – 6:00pm

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Come out and enjoy a few brews from Aardwolf, while also getting to know local MuleSoft developers and others generally interested in modern integration, APIs, DevOps, and more! We will also discuss how Acosta is transforming their business by taking a Cloud-first/API-led approach.

6. Christchurch, NZ
October 2nd – 5:30pm

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For his third Meetup, Kian Ting will lead a discussion on production API deployment best practices – ”Mule API Manager Rate Limiting and Implementing Persisted Cache Store in your Mule applications.”

7. Atlanta, GA
October 2nd – 6pm

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For this Meetup, we will discuss Mule 4 and Studio 7 Beta as well as Salesforce Integration Patterns.

8. Melbourne, AU
October 26th – 5:30pm

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For Melbourne’s # Meetup, we will have an open discussion about Mule and Anypoint Platform.

9. Brisbane, AU
October 26th – 5:30pm

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For his first Meetup in Brisbane, local leader Savio Mascarenhas (Dept. of Transport and Main Roads) will gather your thoughts on what you would like to listen & talk about in future Meetups. Then, he will provide an overview of what’s new in Mule 4.

Don’t see a MuleSoft Meetup planned near you? Get involved!

New events appear daily, so check out the upcoming Meetups section regularly. If you have an idea for a Meetup, contact your local meetup leader and suggest the topic – they are always open to ideas and would love to hear from you!

If you do not see a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, then you have the opportunity to create and lead one yourself. Apply to become a leader! We are ready to provide support to bring a MuleSoft Meetup to your city.

See you at the next Meetup!

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