12 Face Palm Moments When Communicating With Your Coworkers

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12 Face Palm Moments When Communicating With Your Coworkers

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Talking with your team is sometimes harder than it should be. We are in the 21st century with holograms and drones, yet chatting with coworkers feels archaic.

1. Apps don’t sync across all devices.

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Your phone said 0 notifications during your coffee run, then you got back and found out EVERYONE WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!!!

2. You have to text from your phone, email from your desktop, message from your laptop … Life is hard.

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3. Email threads with 20 coworkers constantly turn into a conversation between 2 people.

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4. Emails get overlooked.

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You put the red “!” and URGENT in the subject line, and get a response 5 days later.

5. Trying to find your coworker’s number but you never saved it.


6. When you get forwarded an email that says ‘see below.’

giphy (11)
So you go on a 12 minute quest of scrolling to see where you’re referenced, and why this is relevant to you.

7. Separating work from personal can be tricky.

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“It’s 9pm and it’s urgent, should I text Brad or email him?”

8. Email feels like it is snail mail when you need a quick yes or no response.

giphy (13)

9. You know your coworkers are too swamped to check their email, but texting feels too personal for work conversations.

giphy (14)

10. You know you’ve emailed Stephanie before, but she’s not showing up in your contact list.


11. You’ve been added to a group work text, but you don’t know half of the numbers included.

giphy (15)

12. Instant messaging is a wildcard.

giphy (16)
Coworkers are using all different IM’s. You’re forced to track down teammates across multiple apps, using ambiguous screen names.

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