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12 Obstacles for the Internet of Things

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12 Obstacles for the Internet of Things

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The word around town is that the Internet of Things is growing - and it's growing a lot. That's not to say that IoT's growth faces no obstacles, though. According to Chris Curran and Daniel Eckert at CIO Dashboard, there are 12 major hurdles that IoT still has to deal with. For example:

Lack of Standards

There are a lot of connected devices in the world - about 7 billion more than there currently are within the next four years. We imagine a golden future of IoT where all of these devices just seamlessly work together: you walk into your house and your lights turn on, your AC adjusts to your comfort zone, your Rube Goldberg machine starts making you some eggs or something, but that won't be possible - not in the seamless, convenient way we imagine, at least - until more of these devices communicate with each other.

Lack of Security

Security is a major concern for IoT devices. As development becomes a major factor in companies not traditionally involved with software - manufacturers of traditionally non-connected things, for example - concerns have been voiced regarding the way security will be handled: will companies maintain their products over time? Will they secure them in the first place? Will they patch flaws in older devices?Some relatively low-stakes demonstrations - Doom installed on a printer, for example - are a little concerning.

There are other issues as well. For example, as your average mundane device is connected to centralized servers controlled by manufacturers, there are questions regarding ownership of the devices: if you can't necessarily control the things you own, are they yours?

Or you might just get murdered. Who knows.


Check out Chris Curran and Daniel Eckert's full article for the other ten obstacles, along with all the details surrounding them.

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