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What's Exciting About Big Data

The future of Big Data is the ability to make well-informed decisions quicker and easier than ever before.

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We recently asked 14 executives involved in in Big Data to tell us what excited them about the opportunities around Big Data today and tomorrow. 


Dr. Greg Curtin, CEO and Founder, Civic Resource Group | Mikko Jarva, CTO Intelligent Data, Comptel Corporation |Matt Pfeil, CCO Co-Founder, DataStax |Dan Potter, CMO, Datawatch |Gena Rotstein, CEO and Founder, Dexterity Ventures, Inc. | Puneet Pandit, Founder and CEO, Glassbeam | Philip Rathle, VP Products, Neo Technology, Inc. | Guy Kol, Founder and V.P. R&D, NRGene | Hari Sankar, VP of Product Management, Oracle | Ray Kingman, CEO, Semcasting | Scott Sundvor, CTO, 6SensorLabs | Vikram Gaitonde, Vice President Products, Solix Technologies | Paul Kent, SVP Big Data, SAS | Margaret Roth, Co-Founder and CMO, Yet Analytics |

Here’s what they said:

  1. The opportunity to prospect around Big Data. I’m a science fiction nerd and we’re getting to the tipping point where we have the technology to connect people, experiences and environments in a way we can make people’s life experiences more personalized. We free up people to do what people are best in a way we’ve never been able to do before. We will enable people to be more creative.
  2. Infinite possibilities with the information we’re able to get from cities. Planning large infrastructure, crime preventive, water use optimization, and allocation of public resources.
  3. Huge promise with the ability to analyze genetic data - so many other promising opportunities comparing genomics of similar cells. Learn from one to benefit others. Autism families will be able to compare lineages. Microbes can be sequenced to understand what’s in your throat, your food or your water. We’re able to quickly analyze viral genomes to find new viruses and solutions to current viruses. We’ll be able to predict the growth of viruses - how they operate, where they are, how difficult they are to kill.
  4. Opportunity to drive a major social shift in charitable giving. Ask the right questions. get the answers and make data-based, rather than intuition-based, decisions.
  5. There’s so much of it. We’ve all been collecting a ton of data. The next challenge is how to aggregate and narrow to the personal level. The biggest challenge and opportunity is to figure out the right questions to ask in order to transform the business.
  6. There’s so much data to work with you can have a great deal of confidence that you can identify the proper zone for an individual. Andover has 11,000 households, we’ve subdivided them into 1,300 “zones.”
  7. It’s the “next oil.” I heard this from the Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM. It’s unrefined oil for the next 10 to 20 years. How do we define and monetize? The real opportunity is data analytics. The next frontier is to create value for clients.
  8. All of the data that’s available and the ability to use the cloud to collect and analyze the data excites me. The potential to revolutionize industries, and change business models (e.g., Uber and Airbnb), with what we learn from the data.
  9. The opportunities it gives us to help clients solve real business problems.
  10. The world is opening their eyes to possibilities they never thought of. The business intelligence world has changed. We now have self-service analytics and visualization. People are asking for, demanding, access to all data. Once you empower business people they start asking for more information. Speed and agility is everything. Real-time operational and business data allows people to make decisions faster thereby saving significant money.
  11. As an analytics software manufacturer, SAS is well positioned to help customers analyze all of the data they’ve been collecting. We can comingle public and private data to make better models.
  12. Using more data = less wrong, fewer mistakes. Reduces the amount of guessing. We can do our jobs better. People will be able to do the things they want to do. This is the last generation of human crashes - everything will be driven by machines that do not make mistakes.
  13. The ability to provide real-time graphing solutions for data relationships.
  14. First, as someone who has worked in the technology industry for some time, the pace of change, and the new opportunities that big data and cloud technologies bring are very exciting. Changes of this magnitude come along infrequently, and the confluence of Big Data and the cloud may very well be the impetus for business transformation on a scale as yet unseen.

Where are you seeing the benefits of Big Data in your firm or with your clients?

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