15 Must Know UI Development Questions

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15 Must Know UI Development Questions

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These questions can also be used in interviews.  If you are stuck with a question, please leave comment here on my blog.The questions are of basic and intermediate level. Moreover, the interviewer can ask you some and not all of these questions.

  1. Describe various projects that you have developed or provided support for?
  2. Tell me some issues you faced because of not following the w3c standards?
  3. If you are asked to develop a travel booking portal having rich UI effects, what steps will you take?
  4. What do you understand by DOM?
  5. What do various javascript frameworks like DOJO, Jquery or Prototype help us in achieving?
  6. What are the various tricks that you have followed to decrease the loading time of a website?
  7. How will you detect the type and version of a browser?
  8. What is the use of innerHTML property?
  9. What steps will you take to invoke an EJB work flow using AJAX requests in a web application?
  10.  Which is your favorite web browser for web application development? Why?
  11.  What all features of HTML 5 are you aware of?
  12. Will you consider the idea of creating one big JS or CSS file than smaller JS/CSS files in the production environment? What other optimization steps can you take in the production environment?
  13. How do you usually get away with javascript errors in a web page?
  14. What are the best practices for writing javascript code? Are you aware of JSON?
  15. What is POST/REDIRECT/GETdesign pattern? What other design patterns have you used as a front end developer?

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