16 New NetBeans Dream Team Members!

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16 New NetBeans Dream Team Members!

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The NetBeans Dream Team has expanded massively over the past week! Sixteen new members have joined, from many corners of the world.

In concept comparable to the Java Champions and the Oracle ACE Program, membership of the NetBeans Dream Team is partly a reward for consistent and committed support of the NetBeans community, while it also provides a forum for key NetBeans community members to discuss everything in and around NetBeans, with a specific focus on external "evangelistic" activities, including the organizing of events, such as the recently held NetBeans Day Germany in Munich, which was a great success, organized by Toni Epple, a well known NetBeans Dream Team member around the world from Munich.

Many well known members of the Java community have been members of the NetBeans Dream Team for many years. Java EE champion Adam Bien and performance guru Kirk Pepperdine are just two of a very illustrious list of NetBeans Dream Team members. Several NetBeans Dream Team members are active in specific regions of the world, such as Liang Ding  who leads the translation of the NetBeans Newsletter into Chinese, Zoran Severac who is a Java Champion, winner of a Duke's Choice Award for Neuroph, and a key Java enthusiast in Serbia, and Hermien Pellissier who is active in the South African NetBeans community.

So, who are the 16 new NetBeans Dream Team members? In alphabetical order, here they are!

  • Paul and Gail Anderson, USA. (@Paul_ASGTeach and @Gail_ASGTeach) Authors of the recent JavaFX/NetBeans book, who have been promoting JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform, and teaching with NetBeans IDE, at conferences in Russia, Brazil, and in San Francisco.

  • Constantin Drabo, Burkina Faso. (at FOSDEM) Long term enthusiast for NetBeans in Burkina Faso, he's also working on translating NetBeans to French, is playing a leading role in the NetBeans Translators community, and is a longterm NetCAT contributor.

  • David Heffelfinger, USA. (@ensode) Independent consultant, has spoken several times during NetBeans Day over the past years, well established NetBeans promoter, has blogged about NetBeans, has written books about Java EE, GlassFish, and NetBeans IDE.

  • Josh Juneau, USA. (@javajuneau) Technical author and publicist around Java EE, especially, PrimeFaces, has written several technical books, spoke for the first time during NetBeans Day 2014, very enthusiastic deep diver into Java EE and PrimeFaces with NetBeans, great advocate of NetBeans across the board.

  • Jens Deters, Germany. (@Jerady) Long term NetBeans user and promotes it at local and international events, and on his blog. E.g, also presented at the NetBeans Day at JavaOne, on a panel with James Gosling, and he uses NetBeans especially for IoT with devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

  • Markus Eisele, Germany. (@myfear) Red Hat developer advocate, Java champion, Java EE JCP member, NetBeans supporter for many years, promoter of Red Hat technologies such as WildFly and OpenShift via NetBeans IDE.

  • Arun Gupta, USA. (@arungupta) Long history of advocating NetBeans while working at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, is continuing to do this while at Red Hat, especially in the context of Java EE and WildFly and GlassFish, is a Java champion, runs workshops at conferences where NetBeans is used and promoted.

  • Rajmahendra Hegde, India. (@rajonjava) JUG Chennai leader, JCP member, NetBeans promoter throughout India over many years.

  • Thomas Kruse, Germany. (@everflux) Leader of the Munster JUG, longterm NetCAT contributor, very interested in JavaScript front-ends, e.g., AngularJS, recently promoted NetBeans at the European AngularJS conference.

  • Martin Kl√§hn, Germany. (@Martin_NB) Well known and long term supporter of NetBeans, together with NetBeans Dream Team members Sven Reimers and Florian Vogler, who has been talking at various events mostly about the NetBeans Platform and JavaFX, and he is always a great help setting up and organizing events.

  • Benno Markiewicz, Germany. (@benM4) Great NetBeans plugin developer and patch contributor over many years, contributed multiple very useful patches, probably more than anyone in the world, responds frequently and helpfully on the NetBeans mailing lists, and has set up a NetBeans Platform training course in Leipzig, Germany.

  • Sean Phillips, USA. (@SeanMiPhillips) NASA lead engineer, super awesome enthusiastic NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform developer, Duke's Choice 2013 winner, and JavaFX super hero.

  • Mark Stephens, UK. (@JavaPDF) Super awesome NetBeans IDE enthusiast over many years, leader of NetBeans partner IDRsolutions where NetBeans IDE is used and where they have an actively developed and maintained NetBeans plugin for JavaFX/HTML5 technologies, JavaFX/NetBeans promoter, and JavaOne speaker over several years.

  • Martijn Verburg, UK. (@karianna) JCP member, London JUG leader, internationally famous in the Java world, as well as being a prominent NetBeans/Maven promoter, while having been a first time NetBeans speaker at NetBeans Day 2014, and is a Java champion.

  • Johan Vos, Belgium. (@johanvos) JavaFX/Java EE well known advocate, using NetBeans IDE throughout, Devoxx committee member, Java champion, and NetBeans enthusiast.

Congratulations to all of them and you'll be seeing even more of the above in the coming period than you have over the past years.


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