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17 Tools That Makes Screenshot Testing Easier

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17 Tools That Makes Screenshot Testing Easier

These tools will help make screenshot comparison easier during app and website testing.

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Comparing screenshots is a very important part of testing. Manually comparing screenshots can prove to be a critical job — often, little but important details can be missed. Automated screenshot capturing and comparing tools have made the job easier by providing the feature of visual regression testing. In this article, I will discuss 17 tools that have made testing screenshots easier and faster.

1. PhantomCSS

PhantomCSS is an excellent tool available for free on GitHub. It was developed using PhantomJS and CasperJS. CasperJS captures the screenshots, which are then compared by Resemble.js to test differences in pixels. The algorithm is written in PhantomCSS and identifies detailed differences between the two images to help you find any bugs.

2. Needle

Needle is a Python-based tool used for testing screenshots, working with Selenium in the background. It is popular among users for its capability to compare CSS styles, images, and SVG between the current screenshots and the good screenshots and check whether everything is rendered correctly.

3. LambdaTest 

Although the LambdaTest platform is mostly for cloud-based cross-browser compatibility testing, it also has an inbuilt screenshot comparison tool. With a single click, users can get more than 2,000 screenshots across different browsers and compare the visual differences to check if all the elements are rendered correctly on the webpage.

4. Rspec Page Regression

Rspec Page Regression is ideal for regression testing. It takes into consideration CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and takes a screenshot of the current page or sections of the page and compares it with the expected screenshot. It also uses PhantomJS to capture the screenshots.

5. Pix-Diff

Pix-Diff is not exactly a tool, but a browser-based plugin that helps in screenshot comparison of browser-based applications as well as hybrid applications. The plugin is lightweight and has a GitHub rating of 24 stars.

6. Selenium Visual Diff

If your goal is to obtain a solution for better screenshot comparison using Selenium, the Selenium Visual Diff plugin is perfect. It has a rating of 17 GitHub stars and is perfect for storing, versioning, and providing a visual comparison between screenshots.

7. Vizregress

Vizregress is used during regression testing. It provides a visual comparison between the current and expected screenshot. .NET is used in the development of this tool and all browser-based test cases are executed using SpecFlow.

8. Specter

Like Rspec and PhantomCSS, Specter is also meant for PhantomJS. It uses Node.js and makes screenshot comparison of dynamically loaded HTML pages easier. There is a certain limitation, however: it works only on pages that rely on JavaScript.

9. CSSCritic

CSSCritic is a lightweight, popular tool with a GitHub rating of 394 stars. It is mostly used for regression testing of web pages. It mainly compares screenshots and detects the differences in CSS.

10. BaskstopJS

If you want to compare screenshots of your responsive webpage, BackstopJS is perfect. It automates the process by taking DOM screenshots and comparing them over time. It has earned a rating of 1,919 GitHub starts because of its way of making visual regression testing automated and easier.

11. Gemini 

Traditional Selenium testing is now merged with a user-friendly interface with the help of Gemini. This tool also works using PhantomCSS, where the user can define custom actions regarding the captured screenshots. Gemini takes all the actions performed by PhantomCSS a step above by providing test suites where your code can be organized.

12. WebdriverCSS

WebdriverCSS works the same as Gemini. Additionally, it can be integrated with Jasmine, Mocha, and other JavaScript-based test frameworks. The user can take and compare hundreds of browser-based screenshots. However, the future of this tool is uncertain, as the developers are planning to replace it with a more updated module.

13. GreenOnion

If your HTML and CSS issues are getting trickier and you are constantly having trouble catching regression bugs, GreenOnion is perfect, whether you are a designer or developer. It captures screenshots whenever a website is run for the first time. After the next deployment, it takes a screenshot again and compares it with the initial one to find the differences.

14. Wraith-Selenium

Wraith was originally developed by BBC News to compare the URLs of responsive sites. The newer version is Wraith-Selenium, which uses SlimerJS or PhantomJS to capture browser-based screenshots in different testing environments and create an automated comparison, highlighting the areas that are affected.

15. CSS Visual Test

CSS Visual Test is new and has a GitHub rating of 10 stars. It works well with components developed using Browserify or CommonJS and helps in the automated visual comparison between screenshots of front-end components.

16. VIFF

VIFF is an automated testing framework ideal for detecting differences between web pages rendered in the browser. It works well in all environments, like dev, UAT, or production and finds partial or full-page differences across different browsers.

17. Grunt Photobox

Grunt Photobox works for websites that are either in a dev environment or production. It literally arranges a photo session for your website where screenshots are captured at frequent intervals and compared with expected screenshots.

This is a curated list of screenshot testing tools. Pick any of them and start regression testing your website. Do let me know if you have used any other tools of similar or better features.

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