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17 Wearables the Apple Watch Just Killed

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17 Wearables the Apple Watch Just Killed

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Update: This article is a minor update/repost of the original, which was posted during the announcement of the Apple Watch.

Now that Apple has finally announced a release date (April 24th) for it's smart watch (which is also a fitness band), here are the possible casualties in the same category that may find themselves being overpowered by the weight of the Apple brand.


FitBit has probably been the most successful fitness tracking wearable, and it might still be relevant as an 'always on' band tracking you even in your sleep.  However, I think that the Apple Watch will eventually get sleep tracking apps as well for people who are willing to leave it on during their sleep. No idea on how durable the Apple Watch is yet.

A Bunch of Other Fitness/Health-Tracker Bands


Become a Jedi and control your smart home with your wristband.  That was the idea behind Reemo, but with Apple HomeKit coming and Apple Watch apps, it's going to be smothered before it can become popular.


Sure the Apple Watch is not a ring, but you can send plenty of frivolous notifications to your friends and probably make an app that shows them in colored jewel form. Plus you can draw fish and share your heartbeat.  Who doesn't want to share their heartbeat?


This just vibrates when you receive important phone calls.  Not even really a feature that's worth building a product around IMO.


I think this one's a good and important safety feature that they should build into the Apple Watch with an app as soon as possible.


Lots of smart watches can record audio.  Maybe not as much, but why do you need a professional audio recorder in the form of a wristband?

Any other products that you think will be killed by the Apple Watch?


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