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Excitement Over the Potential of Internet of Things

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Excitement Over the Potential of Internet of Things

From its openness to its ability to add unparalleled convenience to our everyday lives, executives are excited about the Internet of Things.

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What excites you about IoT?

We asked this question of 19 business executives in different industries. Their answers are below and confirm their excitement for the possibilities of IoT - and its ubiquity.

  1. Ubiquitous tool that let’s us do so much more than we could do in the past. What data do we get? What’s the most useful? What adds the most value? Most disruptive technologies cut across multiple disciplines and that’s true of IoT. NC State does a great job of cutting across disciplines and promoting ideation, development and deployment.
  2. The coolness of it all. The ability to aggregate disparate information and apply to a campus environment creating functions as a result of reading and sensing interactions.
  3. Everything. I’m a PhD in computational neuroscience and worked in adaptive robotics with multi-modal sensor processing. IoT is this on a much larger scale. I want to identify how can we learn new things in order to make smarter decisions.
  4. Elegance and simplicity. Keeper converges convenience and security. Convergence of data. How to interface data and technology. We create a DNA profile for you as the user. Someone in Russia can’t hack your Apple Watch if they don’t have the watch.
  5. Almost the wild west for people who build devices that consume and share information. There’s a lot of room for innovation. It’s powering a new wave of innovation. Drones were initially for hobbyists but now they’re being used for mapping and agriculture. Solutions are being created to streamline applications across multiple industries. Hardware and software now have the ability to change entire industries. PC > Internet > Mobile > Everything else. This is part of the evolution.
  6. Convenience. All of the gaps of the internet get filled in so that it becomes a convenient utility. Great extension of the regular internet. It like non-hardwired printers are now standard.
  7. Potential to revolutionize industries and business models. Endless possibilities connecting the physical and the digital world.
  8. Connect the things we want to the internet. Manage your home from 100 miles away.
  9. Save lives and improve quality of life. Improve access to care. Reduce costs. Increase profits for hospitals. Use near field communications to change patient behavior (e.g., diabetic patient goes to Italian restaurant, recommend what they should eat to be safe).
  10. Revolution of computers. We’re at the end of the first epoch of the digital age. AI, IoT, APIs, flexible software that’s more intelligent hooking into the world. IoT is how we will improve  society, business models, security and privacy.
  11. Ability to connect people with things. Have a house or building that talks to you.
  12. People are seeing new use cases every day. Platform that empowers inventors and innovators to change the world. Take inspiration to a new level to improve people’s lives.
  13. The ability to drive intelligent decisions, based on data, regarding people, workflows, workplace design and resources.
  14. It’s growing and driving a lot of change - monthly and quarterly. It’s enabling virtually anything you can imagine on the network. The changes are phenomenal. Owl.it is a baby monitor developed by pediatricians that is monitoring and measuring vital signs, providing insights on newborns. We’re collecting the data to improve the quality of life for this, and every other, child. Products like this will drive demand. The progression is exponential because of the data we’re getting.
  15. Raise the awareness of the importance of collecting data. If there’s information we could collect that would be valuable, we want to do that. We do not want to collect information just for the sake of collecting information. We do want to eliminate the manual collection of data. On the other extreme, there are many new players in industrial automation in technology and people like to use proven technology. However, it’s getting exciting because customers will realize what’s possible with technology.
  16. Smart cars - save lives, eliminate need for auto insurance and the highway patrol. Security will get fixed over the next 10 years. Smart cities, smart homes, eldercare, clothing with sensors.
  17. We have the opportunity to create environments that anticipate and respond to needs. People will not need to think about doing something, it will be done for them. The environment will be automatically configured to meet your needs.
  18. As a consumer for the past 15 years, I’ve become reliant on Google every day whether I’m arriving at a new airport or at home working on a project. It’s become part of my everyday infrastructure. That has come to the industrial world. A lot of people with 30 to 40 years of experience are leaving industry. The people replacing them need to capture data, institutional knowledge throughout the organization, and be able to analyze it to help them make better decisions reliably. Proactively schedule maintenance rather than waiting for a machine to breakdown. Get better throughput to reduce costs and increase productivity. For example a water treatment plant runs very large pumps to move water from one location to another. This requires a lot of electricity. By learning the current spot price of energy, the water company can optimize when to run the pumps in order to save energy costs. Analytics from IoT will enable everyone in industry to make better decisions based on data.
  19. The possibilities are endless. We are managing a commercial space launch in New Mexico from the locks on the gates and doors to the fuel tanks - everything is connected. Security is key. We live and breath ISO. We ensure the back door is locked as well as everything else to which we are connecting.

What excites you about IoT?


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