20 Ways to Quickly Promote a Mobile App

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20 Ways to Quickly Promote a Mobile App

If as a developer, the question of how to promote a mobile app also comes to mind before beginning app development, then check this list out.

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Are you a mobile app developer who wants to venture into app business? Do you also want to make your career in mobile app development and yes, generate revenue out of your app-product?

You may have a fantastic app idea but you will still not succeed. Yes, you won’t because to succeed in mobile app development, you must have knowledge about the app promotion and marketing.

If as a developer, the question of how to promote a mobile app also comes to mind before beginning app development, then check this list out.

Let us offer you some cool tips to promote an app:

  • Create a micro site to tell about the app – a one or two-pager website will help you exhibit all the features of your app. Also, it can contain links to the app-page on stores.
  • Launch a teaser – we know how people go crazy for movies’ teaser. The same can also be done with an app. Launch a teaser several weeks before the launch of your app. It will help you build up desired curiosity among users.
  • Blog it – you can launch a separate blog or connect a blog to your website. Here you can begin your audience informing everything about the app like what inspired you to create the app, how you created it and what difficulties did you face during the development
  • Go social – the power of social sites isn’t hidden from us. Choose a social platform and groups on it as per the type of app and provide updates consistently. Also post you blog here.
  • Make a video – a 1-minute video can say the whole app’s idea and objective which you will not be able to explain in thousands of words. People like watching video.
  • Spread it via media – you can participate in various media events where you can reach journalists who will then put the storey of your app in front of public. 
  • Get the app reviewed – reach review sites where you can create enough buzz for your app.
  • Connect with relevant blogger – Blogging is easy but not all bloggers have been successful. There are a handful of bloggers who know the real art of blogging. Connect with the relevant ones and ask them to publish content for your app.
  • Arrange awards – You can apply for awards and you can do it online. Once you succeed to arrange even a single award, your will prepare yourself for a lot of press attention.
  • Podcast it –Podcast has a serious audience base. Create podcasts and publish them to iTunes or on your website.
  • Emailing –Emailing does still work. Create an email and send it to those who can be the potential users to your app. You can collect these emails from Facebook, Twitter, or your website.
  • Make a six-second how to do series –you can create a series of how-to-do and publish on the site like Vine. If you don’t how to do this, visit the website Vine and learn it. Also, do not forget to has-tag #howto while posting your series.
  • Post on Pinterest – Pinterest, as we know is world’s catalog of ideas. You too can post content on this image bookmarking platform to get bulk of traffics to your app or the website where you have provided link to your app.
  • Contact audience face to face. Many app developers reach out audience, tell them what their app can do and ask them to download it.
  • Launch a contest – you can launch a contest to tweet and share the content on various social platforms. Choose some random users and prize them with codes to access the paid features of the for free.
  • Create a Facebook Page – people are crazy about Facebook. Almost all people having smartphones do also have Facebook accounts. They like to get updated on the Facebook.
  • Speak about the app in events – This is difficult but if possible, then find opportunities to introduce your app in related events and speak about it. 
  • Solve review queries – No review is negative! Negative ones are the feedback to improve the app. Get to them and solve the queries mentioned in the reviews.
  • Do ASO – ASO is nothing but doing SEO for the store pages where your app is hosted. You can do it to make the app search-engine friendly by including keyword to the content, rich media like images and video as well as elaborating things in bullets.
  • Social media integration – if possible then integrate social media into your app. Social media integration is considered a compulsory part of gaming app development. So don’t forget this too.
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