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2007: The year of the snake, Welcome to the Python Zone!

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"TIOBE declares Python as programming language of 2007" making it the 6th most popular language. According to the Tiobe report increased by over 2%. Python surpassed Perl and has become the "de facto glue language". Python's future looks bright with the upcoming release of Python 3K.

Ruby, by comparison, despite the non-stop hype by enthusiasts has dropped 2.3% and is now the 11th most popular programming language.

The TIOBE report is not quite sure why Python has increased so much in a single year. Could it be because Ruby hype spawned a greater interests in dynamic programming languages and yet could not deliver the stability and maturity of Python or is it because of the missteps of Perl VM improvements? It is unclear. What do you think?

Python is to programming languages what Rodney Dangerfield is to comedians (I don't get no respect). While Ruby seems to be the meida darling but far from the champ, i.e., Ruby is to programming what Anna Kournokova is to tennis.

Why do you think Python had such a great year? Do you think Python 3K will increase Python's popularity?

Other "mover and shakers" in 2007 were Lua (from 46 to 16th) and Groovy (from 66 to 31st). Java maintained its top spot (from 1 to 1). C++ fell sharply (from 3rd to 5th).

To increase Python's respect, let's also announce the brand new Python Zone! Python Zone will focus on all things Python like Django and Python 3k.


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