2010 State of Cloud and Virtualization Survey (Neat Poster Graphic)

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2010 State of Cloud and Virtualization Survey (Neat Poster Graphic)

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A new study indicates that flexibility may be the key driver of virtualization and cloud computing adoption.  Meanwhile, security is the main concern for cloud computing, and two vendors are clearly leading the cloud and virtualization markets, according to the findings.

The survey was conducted by Zenoss, a corporate sponsor of an open source cloud networking / management project called Zenoss Core.  This poll was designed to find out how and why respondents are using cloud and virtualization technologies.  Zenoss also found out who were the leading vendors in the cloud and virtualization markets.

The survey was conducted in Q2 of 2010 and 207 members of the Zenoss Open Source community participated.  Respondents consisted pretty evenly of IT management, generalists, and network operators.  Here were the most interesting findings from the study:

  • 29.3% said they used virtualization whenever possible.
  • 40.7% indicated that they preferred to deploy servers virtually
  • 43.3% of the respondents said that flexibility was their reason for using virtualization while 33.3% said hardware savings was the main reason for using the technology
  • The most common goal for improving virtual infrastructure was Cost Savings (64.7%) followed by Deployment Control (controlling virtual sprawl)
  • 70.7% preferred tools that managed all infrastructure rather than point solutions that were virtualization specific.
  • The vast number of virtualization users don’t utilize automation. In managing virtual environments only 39.3% of virtualization automate the starting and stopping of virtual machines based on operational conditions
  • 73.3% have not made a decision on their virtualization management solution
  • 25.8% indicated they would be deploying hosted data services
  • 50.8% said they used no specific management tools for cloud computing 33.3% used cloud computing tools provided by their hosting provider
  • Security was the number one concern for cloud computing followed by management and monitoring
  • VMware and Amazon EC2 have the largest market penetration in virtualization and cloud computing respectively

Zenoss also whipped up a visually appealing synopsis of the survey results on this poster graphic.  You can download the PDF below:

You can download the full survey results as well as the poster.

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