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2013 How Link Authority Works for SEO Blogging

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2013 How Link Authority Works for SEO Blogging

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Training Video 1 – WordPress Basics Video

You will find thousands of conflicting S.E.O. guides for blog posting.  My protege John Kitts, who was my original trainee and who now has had his own UpLog.org ‘clone’ (the original one) since 2006, where he earns a full time living from about 100 clients and growing, has made a series of great videos covering some of our style of WordPress S.E.O. -they are here, the one above is the first one on this page.

My article from earlier this year, has been replaced line one number one with the version that DZONE published here – due to their amazing link-authority: ‘blog posting SEO guide‘ Google search.

But when you compete as we do, with people like seobook.org, seomoz.com, wordtracker.com and Mashable.com (the largest, best optimized WordPress MU site on the planet), it takes more than onsite and offsite technique and strategy to rank for searches like this one which bring up 25,700,000 competitive results from other professionals: it takes link-authority.

It is because DZone.com is one of the largest and oldest directories, and has been around since the eighties, and has always been a high quality content aggregate, that the article of mine that they published out-rank mine.   Indeed, if I was not an established expert with link authority and rankings of my own, they would not have approached me originally to blog with them as a part of their new “MVB” program, and the proof of concept in this article would not exist: http://www.dzone.com/articles/2013-5-minute-blog-posting-seo.

An educated SEO expert with a high IQ may be able to reverse engineer what I do and achieve some success – but only longevity and consistency of content production build link authority on Google and others.  The highest bump of all to your own authority is to be re-published thus; and their reason for doing so is obvious since it is creating rankings and traffic for them…

To fully understand this you must understand that it is a specialty: a specialist cannot do it, on purpose calling it ahead of time as only I do, even with everything I do not share, without link – authority of their own.

The content market is maturing online, and slowly replacing the clout of other forms of media.  The Nielsen Rankings are already changing, and are more and more dependent on on-demand online viewing, and social media engagement and feedback.  This trend, that we started talking about here: http://socialmediasystems.com/blog/the-slow-death-of-seo-as-we-know-it/ in 2008 will continue.  As the market matures, clear winners like DMOZ.com, and Yahoo Voices (formerly Associatedcontent.com) will position themselves, and traditional SEO will give way to modern content marketing.  You cannot go back in time, so you cannot catch DZONE, Yahoo voices, or even me at UpLog.org with 115 blogs and growing created just for this purpose.

The only way to the top of very competitive global searches now is to get somebody, some group, some moderator, or some content publisher to see value in your content, as we have done here; or to become a niche content publisher/aggregate as our clients at UpLog.org do, connected to “the ROAR of all of US”  for size and power.

Our best SEO tricks will never be published, even for our clients – that training is done one – on- one, in private.

However, let me recommend groups, especially on Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook.  If you are a regular contributor to the right niche communities  and/or are a founder of a niche community or group that grows and is active, you gain that authority on your own, for merit.  A new development in the last year is the introduction of Google communities; they are new, they are growing  the work very well for rankings authority; example: this Building a Company group already has 20,470 members.  If I had started it only a few months ago, I would be very happy with that!  It is an open group, so anybody wanting to reach 20,000 consultants (me) is behooved to post there, as I will post this article – probably after DMOS re-publishes it up so that I can use that version for credibility;)

Re-read this article three times, and you will begin to see the big picture, the way that it is all the same as it always was; the media is digital now, some of the players have changed, but the proverbial game remains the same.

Shameless plug: we train our clients to use tricks nobody else knows, which I invented to sustain what we can create instantly because of who we are!

I am Israel Rothman, top “internet advertising consultant” in the world according to Google organic search – I am easy to find.  Are you?  Do you need to be?  Do you need link-authority and/or a value statement?  I am more interested in your content than your money – so what is your excuse to remain in obscurity?!


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