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2013, Year of Evolved Technology

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2013, Year of Evolved Technology

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You guess, yet another predictions for this year. 2013.

2012 was a very entertaining year if we talked about mobile. Android and iPhone are always side by side, one overtook another, to lead the market with their innovation and simplicity (and a ‘little’ fight on patent litigation). Nokia is not the number one anymore but they’re struggling to get the crown back by teaming up with Microsoft building Windows Phone on their Lumia series. BlackBerry considered no luck and very slow in launching their new shiny OS.

Almost every spotlight goes to mobile.

2013 is coming and this is the year where mobile will become more and more adapted. A few players in mobile OS have been declaring them self to become ‘the next big thing’ in mobile field. Ubuntu, Tizen, Firefox OS and a few customized-based-on-Android devices ranging  from automobile industry to home automation expected to be exists no longer from now.

So, what is it all about in 2013? For me, it’s the year full of customized technology. It’s the year where mobile get the most attention and biggest penetration all over the world. Hence, customized technology will be seen as a new ‘toy’ and startups will move to this area, sooner or later.

These are 4 things that, in my prediction, will be the superstar (for one) and upcoming superstar (for others) of 2013:

1. (Still) Mobile

iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry will continue the long-lasting battle until they have settled on each other or they conquered the market. The gap between the first group of player (Android and iPhone) and the second group (BlackBerry and Nokia) is become larger. Even though iPhone is still the best device you can ever get, Android has been conquered the market above half of the total market in the world. I don’t know about BlackBerry or Nokia, but do you still have them in your pocket? I doubt it. I’m not sure about BlackBerry (as I never own it) but I do feel that Windows Phone 8 is a decent one. Don’t forget to watch out for the new player, including Tizen (Samsung will launch Tizen-based phone this year), Firefox OS and Ubuntu (but they announced that it will be released sometime in 2014. That’s a year from now).

2. Internet of Things

Finally, I do believe that the Internet of Things will see significant growth this year. Mobile devices are almost everywhere and we always find a new way how to leverage this kind of growth. The Internet of Things is one of the innovative concept I really liked and it will somehow one of the big result we created technology. This year will be the good start to think and do something about it. I personally have a plan to implement this, one step at a time, to create the Internet of Things around my own house.

3. Re-invented TV

Many people think that TV is already dead. For me, it’s not. It’s in the state where it needs to be re-booted and touched by innovation. TV is still one of the best source of entertainment, education and information. But the use of TV is the same as we knew it was 20 or 30 years ago. No innovation. This ‘device’ has been sitting in almost every house around the world. So we don’t need to kill it. We need something innovative to make TV enjoyable and fun again. Re-invented TV model such as Yahoo TV, Google TV and Apple TV are one of many ways to use it as a platform. I’m sure this year it’s gonna be exciting again.

4. Personal Payment System

E-commerce has been big for the past years and I see no stopping in growth. Many people switch their way buying things from going to the stores to just sit and order it using the online shop through the Internet. Everyone should have been using this kind of services at least once. No cash involved. Credit cards are become popular (or even standard) in terms of buying online. Payment gateways are competing to make those online shop accepted credit cards without pain. I see this as a many lines converge to one point: everyone will have their own payment system. If you don’t believe this, ask Square.

I know it won’t be all true but I believe, based on what I’ve already knew so far, these evolved technologies will take a significant part in 2013. You may or may not agree with me as everybody has their own arguments of what would come in the next coming year. If you don’t mind, you can share your thought here.

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