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The Future of DevOps: Leaders Weigh In [Video]

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The Future of DevOps: Leaders Weigh In [Video]

Top DevOps expert weigh in on what themes should be the focus of DevOps organizations in 2015.

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Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim)
Author, “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win”

Gene explains important themes in DevOps for 2015. Including: proving DevOps is applicable for large complex organizations, and how DevOps will help your organization not only win in the market, but survive.

Jez Humble (@jezhumble) VP, Chef

Jez gives us his key takeaways from the “DevOps: Wine-ing, Not Whining” event. Jez illustrates the origins of DevOps from lean thinking and Deming and why the software supply chain is so important to DevOps.

Mitchell Ashley (@mitchellashley)
VP of Information Technologies, CableLabs

Hear Mitchell share his perspective on the state of DevOps and security. It is about security at velocity. He remarks on the evolution of security from a validation role (at the right) to an integrated, ingrained role that has shifted left.


Julie Tsai  (@446688)

Director of Engineering, Information Security at Retail Giant

Hear Julie talk about the importance of the software supply chain in DevOps and her takeaways from the “DevOps: Wine-ing, Not Whining” event. Such as, different ways to think about software and why transparency is important in the software supply chain.

Nick Galbreadth (@NGalbreath)

CTO and Founder, Signal Sciences

Nick tells us how he was surprised that people are starting to talk about the software supply chain. “Where your software is coming from. How it is getting delivered, and how it is getting deployed out.”


Chris Corriere (@cacorriere)

DevOps/Software Engineer, Autotrader.com

Chris shares his perspective on the state of DevOps and security. Is going faster and automating resulting in better security? He believes that security can move at DevOps speed, as long as you take a diversified approach.


Gareth Rushgrove (@garethr)

Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Labs

Gareth explains why the importance of security tests within DevOps practices is going to be a big topic for years to come. Gareth anticipates that “In five years time we will look back on this and ask ‘why were we not always doing this’?”


Helen Beal (@HelenRanger4)

Head of Devops, Ranger4 Limited

Helen discusses the importance of DevOps and security. She voiced concerns about DevOps practices sometimes circumventing controls that are essential to a business’s safety.


Trevor Parsons (@trevparsons)
Chief Scientist & Co-Founder Logentries

Trevor briefly illustrates some current problems with state of microservices and container-based architectures, while sharing a positive outlook for the future.


Justin Arbuckle (@dromologue)

VP, EMEA & Chief Enterprise Architect, Chef

Justin discusses key trends he expects to see in over the next 9-12 months regarding compliance and security.  Justin explains that compliance as a core driver of DevOps is something that will start to shape our conversations over the next year.


Greg Elin (@GregElin)

Executive Director, GovReady and former Chief Data Officer, FCC

Greg explains what stood out to him at DevOpsDaysDC. He notes the number of different organizations that are comfortable with DevOps, and are familiar with its language and concepts.


Dave Johnson (@thisdavejohnson)

Senior Technical Director at Ansible

Dave explains when he first entered the industry he thought the IT world was dominated by open source and commercial technologies. However, after being immersed in the industry his thoughts have changed.

Leon Fayer (@papa_fire)
Vice President at OmniTI

Leon illustrates the things he found most interesting from the DevOpsDays Conference. He noted that a lot of people have started to pay attention to the monetary strategies, and how to monitor from top-to-bottom in a DevOps fashion.


John Willis (@botchagalupe)

DevOps Days core organizer and co-author “DevOps Cookbook”

John highlights his first introduction to DevOps and the journey it has taken him on, and what about the current state of DevOps makes him excited. He says DevOps is really happening everywhere.


Nathen Harvey (@nathenharvey)

Community Director at Chef

Nathen illustrates some recurrent topics he noticed at DevOpsDays DC. Nathen ensures us that government is ready for DevOps, enterprises are ready for DevOps, and small businesses and web innovators are ready for DevOps.

Dave Farley (@davefarley77)
Co-author of Continuous Delivery

Dave talks about reoccurring themes he has been hearing in the DevOps community throughout the year. Including how continuous delivery is fundamentally optimizing the development process.

Brian Dawson (@brianvdawson)
DevOps Evangelist, CloudBees  

Brian explains to us what surprised him at this year’s Jenkins User Conference. He was surprised at the amount of people who participated in DevOps talks and says DevOps talks do not just include developers anymore.


Curtis Yanko (@onCommit)

DevOps Coach, Sonatype

Curtis shares the themes he has been hearing in the past six months since working at Sonatype. Including the tooling that makes up a CICE pipeline.

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