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2019 Cloud Industry: Preparing for Enhanced Cloud Operations

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2019 Cloud Industry: Preparing for Enhanced Cloud Operations

From cloud across vendors to sticter governance of the data within, here's what to look forward to in 2019.

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2019 Cloud Industry: Preparing for Enhanced Cloud Operations

Continuing the success of 2018, the cloud will continue to maintain its fame in 2019 with visible trends such as impressive cloud adoption across all industries resulting in improved solutions and collaborated data tools for enhanced user experiences

These growth patterns will greatly enhance cloud operations, making it the most preferred platform for enterprise platforms.

Going forward, we will see companies redefine the cloud experience by moving from just adoption to experimenting with cloud usage in alignment with business strategies.

The cloud has time and again proven that it paves for continued improvement and is definitely getting more competitive with three mostly likely trends to watch out for in 2019.

The Rise of Multi-Cloud Across Enterprises

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Different providers have various cloud environments based on each organization’s business needs.

However, multi-cloud deployment is being seen as a feasible option and an important part of business strategies. This ideal cloud network allows organizations and key individuals to choose solutions for varied and vast workflows inside an organization while reducing dependence on a single cloud provider.

By opting for multi-cloud deployment, organizations will be able to frame workloads into separate environments characterized by different requirements.

While firms go about deploying the multi-cloud platform, they will need a clear business strategy and directionality into bringing these important pieces to perform as one unit without creating new problems.

Multiple challenges, including financial costs, governance, security and service integration need to be considered while expanding the multi-cloud strategy.

Business can avoid these by outlining the business best practices that are in alignment with a company’s culture and cloud environment.

2019 will be a witness to this beneficial trend reaching its summit and providers who adopt this culture will able to tailor the best approach for a rewarding service offering.

Removing the Boundary Between Public and Private Cloud

With an everchanging market characterized by demands of digital transformation including faster access to emerging technologies, on-demand capacity and unlimited scalability, 2019 is projected to be the year for organizations to migrate critical workloads to the public cloud.

And with public cloud making its foray into the such as Amazon Relational Database Service, the fine line between public and private cloud is slowly disappearing.

Now since this process is picking up, APIs, control plans and strategies will become increasingly important with an increased focus on how workflows run and who manages them.

It will become the IT personnel’s responsibility to have a clear plan on what is being outsourced and create alternative plans for any adjustments for future requirements.

Governance Throughout Transition

IT operations are dictated by corporate guidelines that should constantly be adapted and monitored within a cloud environment to ensure fulfillment of high standards of high efficiency and security.

Especially in the cloud and IT industry, governance is synced with business goals and policies while moving forward to higher growth.

However, with the speed that cloud services are picking up, it is impossible to maintain and practice traditional management solutions, impeding the journey to innovation.

With the onset of multiple clouds, deploying on-premise solutions and the distribution of data between different infrastructures, IT governance remains affected.

2019 will witness friction between governance and scalability while also presenting automation as the solution to implementing sound governance for simplified operations and increased time to decision-making.

Being aware of the best practices and challenges of every technology can make you draw the best benefits of the ideal technology solutions. Are you ready for cloud 2019?

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