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21 Resources for Cloud Hosting on Heroku

Spring MVC Hibernate App

Example Facebook Node.js App

Java | Heroku Dev Center (OpenJDK 6)

Java Web App with Tomcat 7

Non-Web Java Processes

Heroku Status

The Process Model

 Java FAQ

Java Spring/MVC/Hibernate Tutorial

Managing SSH Keys

For Windows 7 Enterprise, I needed to use “” to initialize the key, I couldn’t put in a path.   So I cd to the location of the public key.  For tracing ssh, -vT, allows for verbose tracing.

heroku keys:add “”

ssh -vT

git clone -o heroku

Facebook on Heroku
git commit -am “changed greeting”
git push heroku master


Node.JS on Heroku

Introduction to Heroku for Java Developers

Using the Heroku Command Line Interface(CLI)

Creating Applications from the CLI

GIT Repository SSH Fingerprints

Heroku CLI Authentication

Installing Heroku CLI

Managing Heroku Processes

Facebook App on Heroku

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