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25 Cool Startups from Web Summit

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25 Cool Startups from Web Summit

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Aside from what we thought of The Summit event, we saw, met and chatted with a lot of great companies in Dublin last week. Here’s a list of 25 cool companies we liked.

First of all some very cool companies working in similar concepts or areas to nooQ. There were quite a few companies working on similar theories but with different approaches or targeting different markets (social for business, gathering ideas, communication for teams, projects & tasks, visualising social streams, message overload, working visually instead of linearly, social analytics).

Unified Inbox
Unified Inbox Tackling the message overload problem. Reminds me of IQTell a little. Very ambitious project, which we love. A huge task which we are very familiar with at nooQ. A different approach, them going for integrating your existing streams in one inbox and a traditional linear style but all in one place.We have gone for the non-linear visual style. I have registered for beta so will see how it works. They seem to have a great team and some investor backing too.

DaPulse Better user interface than Yammer. Social collaboration for teams. They like us have opted to group conversations together by topic and don’t have a newsfeed, although our visual, non-linear approach allows us to have several conversation threads on one screen, all sized visually to your preferences, so no need to jump between different conversation boards. With nooQ you see what’s important to you, much more easily and our solution will scale to handle more traffic and message overload far better. Great that they have also spotted what’s wrong with current social platforms and have developed the something better.

Timebox.io Timebox.io To-do lists re-invented visually. I like the visual way they use box size to indicate importance and relevance. Sounds familiar @nooqsoftware.
Box.com Box.com– Was nice for us to be approached from the big guys at Box asking if we were interested in integrating nooQ. We much prefer Box over Dropbox at nooQ, definitely the best file sharing platform on the market.
clouddock CloudDock – they bring together all your docs from multiple cloud storage systems
TaskMessenger TaskMessenger very nice UI for team based tasks. Irish based startup. Very interesting to find out

Enterprise Ireland offer startup founders a scholarship salary for six months to get their startup off the ground.


extremely cool real time editing

– almost like google wave. 37Signals very interested in this and can see why. Watch this company. WikiDocs demo video


Here’s a list of some great people we bumped into and cool businesses we liked.

8 cool startups from Scotland at Dublin Web Summit

OK we are slightly biased but there is some awesome Scottish startup talent showing their amazing tech skills in Dublin. In no particular order..

nooQnooQ – obviously. We are not cool peeps, pretty boring really, but our tech is outrageously good, way out there. Leading investor we met at The Summit, said we had the hardest engineering task from anyone he’d spoken to but we were right on the money on how we’ve solved it.
StorkUp StorkUp – social shopping for Mums. Great design, potential and team. Check out the site and follow them on Twitter. Craig has some great startup content.
Swarmly – location based app showing real people in real time. Like  Waze but for people. Love the real time bubbles showing where is popular. Or finding somewhere quiet can be just as useful. Marco De Nichilo and David McNabb who were are a great help to nooQ even pitching and demo’ing nooQ at one stage.

Mallzee – personal shopping & recommendations. Like how they take your style preferences and recommend others brands and items. Cally Russell, Callum Stuart and Jamie Sutherland all pitching like mad.

miiCard – Prove and Protect your online identity. Pushing now into USA market. CEO James Varga, Cassie Anderson and team.
PrintAR – their PrintAR app turns 2d images into 3D adverts. A lot of tech behind this but they make it look easy. Follow PrintAr on twitter
FloatApp –cashflow forecasting now integrated with Xero. Recently received large investment too. Accounting is not so cool, but cashflow definitely is king. Colin Hewitt captain of that boat.
Flexiant – Cloud mgt software for hosting providers. Big ticket software company doing extremely well. Launched their new product on Monday 4th November. Tony Lucas the brains behind it all at Flexiant.

11 Cool startups at WebSummit & well worth checking out

We bumped into, spoke to and noticed these cool startups too.


very slick mobile UI certainly the best I have seen for a to-do app. Very Impressive. Check it out

jscrambler JScrambler love this idea. It protects your JavaScript by making the analysis of your code so time consuming that it is not worth the time to try.

Ask a doctor

Etobb – Ask doctors questions. Quora for Doctors. We are all experts after two minutes on the web, but health is something you need the experts to answer your questions.
priceintelligently Price intelligently – How do you price? Love this idea. There are so many factors to take into account on price.
Typeform Typeform – Beautiful UI – raising the bar for web forms. Love the look of this startup from Barcelona.
Startups using Software Sus.io – Startups Use Software. Very neat idea for startups to share what software they use
Farfetch – well funded company showcasing boutique designer clothing. Sources designer items from small independent stores. Some great clothes on here.
Redgate Software
Redgate – clever database development & management software. One of the best workplaces to work in the UK
Status Page
StatusPage.io – Well designed app. A better way to communicate real time incidents with your customers. Bizarre that I had read their blog on customer experience on Monday, then met the author on Thursday at The Summit.

Brand24 social media monitoring – considering the traffic in social there are not that many great management or monitoring apps.
Intercom.io – improve your customer communications. Really like how this integrates into your processes. Filling a gap where CRM systems don’t go easily.

What’d you think of the list? Any other cool startups you like?

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