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25 Features You're Missing if You Don't Use PostgreSQL

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25 Features You're Missing if You Don't Use PostgreSQL

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What's so great about PostgreSQL? You can crunch a bunch of NBA data with it, of course, but if you're looking for more explanation than that, Sameer Kumar has an answer for you. Twenty-five answers, really.

As an argument in favor of Postgres, Kumar has assembled a list of features developers are missing when they work with other databases. Technically, Kumar's focus is on Postgres Plus Advanced Server, but he notes that most of the features apply to regular old PostgreSQL as well. Each feature comes with a brief explanation, and most include links to the corresponding documentation - you don't just have to take his word for it! Some of his examples include:

  • Support for additional datatypes, such as Booleans and Ranges
  • A JSON datatype (and JSON functions)
  • Ability to grant and revoke access to tables of a certain schema
  • User-defined operators

These features are certainly not all unique to Postgres, but the list is still an interesting and concise look at the strengths of Postgres and the particular features that, at least according to one developer, make it an indispensable resource.

For the full, twenty-five-feature list, check out Kumar's complete article, and for a look at the additional features to come, take a look at what's new in PostgreSQL 9.4.

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