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26 Not To Be Missed .NET Articles - June 2008 - .NET Zone

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26 Not To Be Missed .NET Articles - June 2008 - .NET Zone

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This month we have even more then in May in fact, we have almost tripple, we cover topics such as Deliver Next-Generation SOA Apps with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio, Get Started Building Silverlight 2 Applications, TypeTransmogrifier, Windows Mobile: Communicating with the Outside World and many more. Enjoy!

Deliver Next-Generation SOA Apps with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio

The software development world has evolved quite a bit over the last 20 odd years. We went from object-oriented development to component-oriented development and now to service-oriented development. Each step along the way, the current programming methodology has borrowed useful ideas from its predecessor and tried to improve upon the technology. Service-oriented development seeks to decouple applications while still providing a robust, secure, and maintainable architecture.

LINQ To SQL and the Web.Config ConnectionString Value

I just got had by an odd behavior in the LINQ to SQL model designer when working with a LINQ to SQL Model in a separate class library project. I use LINQ to SQL in a business layer which always lives in a separate assembly and so the model does not live in the same project as the Web (or other) application I'm working on.

When the model is created the DataContext has options on how the Connection is handled when you create your DataContext without specifying any parameters in the constructor - ie. you're instantiating the DataContext without a connection string or connection object

AJAX Control Toolkit Tutorials

Welcome to a series of tutorials that will explore techniques for implementing the different controls in the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. These tutorials are geared to be concise and provide step-by-step instructions with plenty of screen shots to walk you through the process visually. Each tutorial is available in Visual Basic and Visual C# versions and includes a download of the complete code used.

Get Started Building Silverlight 2 Applications

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

Adjusting an Image Curve with C#

In image editing, a curve is a remapping of image tonality, specified as a function from the input level to the output level, used as a way to emphasize colors or other elements in a picture. Here is a user control written in C# to adjust image curves. We know C# provides a method to draw curves, but I don’t know how to get the coordinates of any point on the curve drawn using DrawCurve.

Creating Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

After publishing 10 Visual Studio shortcuts you must know and then 11 more Visual Studio shortcuts, a colleague of mine, Elan Kynsky, introduced me an MSDN page called Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks. This is a long article where you can learn a couple of useful things about Visual Studio, but what attracted me most, was the “Creating a keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet” section.

Powerful File manager

In the web application some times you need to manage your files or allow your users to manage their files. In this time you need a file manager and creating a powerful solution is time consuming, but you don't have enough time. This was the story of my work when I needed it. I think if I write a powerful file manager that is simple to use and portable, did my best.


Occasionally we find ourselves in a situation where we have an object, and we want to determine which of several types of object it is in order to do something with it. For instance, we may have a Control, and if it's a Button we may want to do one thing with it, but if it's a TextBox we may want to do something else with it. A fast, simple, and reliable way of handling that is...

LINQ Query Syntax C# vs. VB vs. SQL

FWIW, I found it helpful to create this table to compare the query syntax of C# and VB and how it translates into SQL.

NCache: A Distributed Cache for the .NET Platform Available Today

While we wait for Microsoft to finish Velocity, its attempt at building distributed memory cache for the .NET platform, we turn to other more established vendors. One such vendor is Alachisoft's and its NCache product. Currently Alachisoft offers both a free and a paid SKU, the latter supporting NHibernate.

A Performance Comparison of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Existing Distributed Communication Technologies

This article provides a high-level performance comparison between Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and existing Microsoft .NET distributed communication technologies. (22 printed pages)

Windows Mobile: Communicating with the Outside World

In last month's DevX special report, I showed you how you can develop for the Windows Mobile platform using the .NET Compact Framework. Now, you'll expand on those concepts and learn how you to explore the various communication options available on this platform so that your applications can connect to the outside world. In particular, this article will discuss

Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2005 is the leading developer tool on the market, and I would like to share with you some tips and tricks that will make this great tool even more powerful. Getting familiar with a tool is crucial to getting the most out of the tool, and development tools and IDEs are no different. But with the many new technologies such as C# 2.0, ASP .NET 2.0, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Communication Foundation, who has time to learn about Visual Studio itself? By spending 10 minutes to read this article, I hope you will learn a couple of useful things that will make your life inside Visual Studio more pleasant and productive. (19 printed pages)

Test Your .NET 3.5 Apps

Take advantage of the tools built into VS.NET 2008 to automate testing your application logic. Also, learn how to design your applications so you can take advantage of unit testing and test-driven development methodologies.

Animation in-depth with Silverlight 2.0 Beta – Part Five

In the last part I’ve shown how the VideoBrush can be used and videos can be animated by dividing MediaElement into two parts. In this demonstration of Silverlight animation I’ll focus on transitional animation. We’ve seen this type of animation many times in movies, television commercials, music videos, in sting which we see at the beginning of any news. The wipe effect and dissolves are mostly used in film and television. There are other effects which fall into the category of wipe and dissolves. It means those effects are subsets of Wipe and Dissolve. Let’s delve into our first example.


Combine an easy-to-use framework with higly desirable web functionality and what do you get? The subject of this two-part series, which focuses on ASP.NET AJAX. It is excerpted from chapter four of Programming ASP.NET AJAX, written by Christian Wenz (O'Reilly, 2007; ISBN: 0596514247). Copyright © 2007 O'Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission from the publisher. Available from booksellers or direct from O'Reilly Media.

I'm just sayin'

In previous posts, I have hinted at the fact that there is more than one C# compiler on a machine with Visual Studio and .NET Framework installed. Sometimes there are several.

Simply put, when we release Visual Studio we release a compiler referred to as the in-process compiler, or in-proc compiler. We generally also release a new version of the .NET Framework at the same time. In the .NET Framework we also ship a separate compiler: the framework compiler, CSC.EXE. The in-proc compiler is tucked away in a Visual Studio DLL containing a bunch of other code as well. The presence of multiple compilers can result in an awkward servicing story and general confusion

Xbox 360 Controller Input in C++ with XInput

By the end of this tutorial, you should understand the basics of how to implement the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows in your C++ program, whether it be a game or some other random project that requires the use of the controller.

Consuming webservice in a windows application

This article will show you how to create webservice and how to consume it in a Windows Application using C#.

How to redirect to another page when session timeout in ASP.NET (when pages contain Ajax UpdatePanel)

Session timeout in ASP.NET is such an important problem with web developer. When session ended, we run into some exceptional situations. There are also many solutions to deal with this problem on the Internet. But less of them have discussed about redirecting to other page when session timeout, especially when we work with Ajax UpdatePanel. So, I suggest a way to do this. 

Enable WPF/Windows Forms Interoperability with WPF Commands

Suppose you've been given the green light to use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in the latest version of your user interface. There's just one snag—not all the third party controls critical to your application have a WPF version. Fortunately, WPF has excellent support for legacy controls; however, you'll need to write some glue code to provide the interoperability.

Eight Key Practices for ASP.NET Deployment

This article presents some best practices that you can follow to deploy ASP.NET applications in production mode. These practices help you avoid problems both during and after deployment.

Debug a WCF service with Edit and continue support

In that post I said that there is an easy way to do it, but I didn't give any code. So this article is about how to it. The reason I wrote this article, is because a fellow member wrote a usefull article about wcf, and in tip1 he suggested using a console application. My scenario for wcf service consuming and debugging is a Client Server application. I believe my solution can apply and for other scenarios.

A lightweight AJAX.NET-enabled grid control

Managing lists of items from databases is the bread and butter of most web applications, but creating an user-friendly grid can be problematic. The obvious solution of creating Microsoft grid controls in an Ajax.Net Update panel can create very large HTML pages with long response times when a substantial amount of data is being worked with. Also, every grid has to be created individually on each page, and that makes it hard to create and maintain a common "look and feel".

This lightweight grid outputs very compact HTML and uses javascript to dynamically generate input or select boxes when updating. It includes built-in Ajaxed sorting and filtering which is very user-friendly, and throws in csv export for free. It has a fixed table header and scrolling contents, to facilitate use with large amounts of data. 

Let’s Do a Code Review With SlickEdit Tools (Part 1)

As a developer, I look for tools that help me get things done quicker, and make tasks easier. This series of articles shows you how to take a handful of the features in SlickEdit Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio® and use them to effectively put together and perform a code review.

A Small and Fast Domain Modeling Tool

Mindscape have released a major upgrade to their LightSpeed domain modelling / ORM tool. Version 2.0 includes a visual model designer integrated into Visual Studio, LINQ support, and the ability to access multiple databases concurrently. LightSpeed is a small, fast domain modeling tool which uses convention over configuration to perform object-relational mapping without the need for complex mapping files.

A Back To Basics Case Study: Implementing HTTP File Upload with ASP.NET MVC including Tests and Mocks

A number of folks have asked me how to "implement the ASP.NET File Upload Control" except using ASP.NET MVC. This is a really interesting question for a number of reasons and a great opportunity to explore some fundamentals. First, ASP.NET MVC is different since we don't get to use ASP.NET Server Controls as we're used to them. There's no "server controls" in the way that we're used to them.


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