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29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing

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29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing

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How do you know your business is ready for content marketing?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that content marketing has become the latest bandwagon people are jumping on before they really understand what it is and what it takes?

You’re not alone.

One question I get asked a lot is “how do we know our business is ready for content marketing?”

I try to answer that question regularly on this blog. We talk about culture and brand publishing and I try to point to examples of great content whenever I can.

But sometimes, it”s better to define all the signs that you are not ready to change your direction.

And that’s what I’m doing here, with these 29 signs your business is not ready for content marketing. I’m sure there are plenty more. But these are the ones that just flew right off the top of my head. Which ones did I miss:

29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing

  1. Your marketing leaders think content marketing is just a buzzword
  2. You don’t have a corporate blog
  3. You have a corporate blog but only publish press releases on it
  4. Social listening and share of voice does not drive your marketing strategy
  5. Your social channels are only used to promote and push your webinars, white papers and events
  6. You get asked to make sure your content talks more about your products
  7. You get asked “How can we create a viral video?”
  8. Your team thinks an E-Book (or any other type of asset) is Content Marketing
  9. You haven’t mapped your existing or future content to buyer stages
  10. You don’t have any early-stage or thought leadership content
  11. You haven’t defined an appropriate next step or “call to action” for your content
  12. You think content marketing is expensive
  13. You think you just need to hire a bunch of journalists
  14. You get asked how to re-create your own Oreo “dunk in the dark” or “Ellen Oscar Selfie” moment
  15. You don’t track how much of your content gets used and which does best
  16. You don’t monitor the content your competitors are creating
  17. You don’t know what keywords your customers are using
  18. You think content marketing is a campaign
  19. You don’t have resources to publish on a regular basis
  20. You don’t have dedicated testing resources for your content development and landing pages
  21. You don’t have a functioning content management system
  22. You haven’t defined any kind of editorial workflow
  23. Your business doesn’t train your employees on effective storytelling
  24. You’re resistant to “giving away” content for free (without registration).
  25. You don’t think about the”share-ability” of your content. Your website gets less than 5% of traffic from social networks.
  26. You don’t create visual content (videos, slideshares, infographics)
  27. You create content without thinking about how to distribute and amplify it
  28. You get asked “what is the ROI of my e-book?”
  29. You think content marketing is only for awareness

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