3 Arguments to Use When Pitching DevOps to Your CIO

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3 Arguments to Use When Pitching DevOps to Your CIO

DevOps adoption requires buy-in from the entire organization, but one of the key people to convince is the CIO. Here are some arguments about why it's important to make the leap.

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The concept of continuous delivery is rapidly growing through the implementation of DevOps in businesses. As more companies develop and maintain applications – both proprietary in-house applications for employee use and consumer-facing applications as a component of a larger business model – the need for greater agility is increasing. This necessity is aligned with the priorities of the CIO, but sometimes they need a push in the right direction. Here are 3 arguments you can use to pitch DevOps to your CIO:

  1. Continuous Delivery is Being Widely Adopted
    According to DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery, adoption of continuous delivery continues to grow in software lifecycle environments. The most popular continuous delivery environment is application build management, with 61% of survey respondents reporting that they use continuous delivery and another 33% state that they want to implement it. DZone also found a 9% growth in adoption of continuous delivery practices for the database.
    The average number of deployments per month is expected to double in the next two years. In that same time period, DevOps is expected to adopt security, compliance, and audit responsibilities, with DevOps-led practices expected to accelerate the delivery of capabilities to the consumer by 15-20%.
  2. Without It You’re Neglecting the Database
    An estimated 61% of organizations have implemented continuous delivery practices for application development. Comparatively, only 30% have implemented continuous delivery practices for database development and just 13% have automated processes in place.
    Automation is a prerequisite for continuous delivery and without it, the database is being left behind in organizations that haven’t yet implemented continuous delivery for the database – and those attempting to implement continuous delivery for the database, but without automated processes.
  3. It’s Massively Beneficial to CIOs
    When implemented correctly, DevOps for Database solutions offer a multitude of benefits, including increased productivity, error reduction, and substantial savings of both time and resources. This translates shipping out rapid changes that coincide with application development and keeping pace with user and market demands. Other benefits include fewer risks and back-outs, quicker time-to-market, and better service to customers. The increases in both quality and productivity can have a substantial impact on development costs and the company’s bottom line.
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