Three Game-Changing App Features

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Three Game-Changing App Features

What are some of the hot new features mobile developers are putting into their apps today? Read on to find out.

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Much of the competition in technology these days directly involves application development, as giants and smaller firms alike work to create the best, most functional and user-friendly mobile apps and websites. Some of the world's biggest platforms and social media sites are also getting in on the action, and it appears that the projects are largely the product of user behavior research. 

"Persona-based testing uncovers opportunities to improve."

User condition testing and research based on target personas will help to uncover some of the ways in which software can be enhanced by slight or major tweaks to user interfaces, features, and functionality. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are all in the process of testing new features that will further enhance the user experience. 

Twitter's Move on Live-Streaming

Periscope has become one of the more popular apps to use in conjunction with Twitter, and the developers there did not take long to pick up on the interactions between the services. TechCrunch reported that Twitter is currently testing a Periscope button that will be available within its apps and allow users to easily live stream video to their followers while on Twitter. 

Since Twitter integrated its popular Periscope platform, the source pointed out that there's been a lot of competition to get moving on enhancements that connect the two into a more holistic combination. Not many users will be involved in this test, but should it pass through these early stages, more integrated Twitter-Periscope functionality will likely become a bit more common. 

YouTube's Approach to Conversation

One of YouTube's biggest problems has long been the inability for users to interact in a comfortable fashion within the app or website. Phys.org reported that to keep users on the app more consistently, YouTube is testing a new messaging feature that will allow users to share and discuss videos more simply without leaving the YouTube app.

YouTube has long been a video sharing platform, but the only true communication features have come in the form of discussion boards and comments sections. The messaging feature being tested comes with the potential to revolutionize the ways in which individuals use the app and site, all the while boosting engagement. 

YouTube is working to enhance its app's communication features.

Facebook's Focus on Games

Finally, social media giant Facebook, which has already developed, tested and deployed a range of new features in the past year, is entering into the beta-testing phase of a new desktop app that will bring all of its beloved games into one place, SocialTimes reported.

The news provider stated that the app will be called the Facebook Games Arcade and that it still has a long road to travel by way of mobile testing and development before it will be available to prospective users. Yet this is a good example of understanding users' more preferences and needs and acting on them swiftly, as Facebook games are immensely popular. 

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