3 Gold Rules to Keep Your Employees Happy

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3 Gold Rules to Keep Your Employees Happy

When working in an Agile team, it's important to keep everyone engaged. Here are some common-sense ways of doing just that, that just so happen to mirror Scrum Values.

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Nowadays, more than ever, corporate executives see more and more employees that stay at a workplace for only a short period of time, and after that go outside and look for another job.

The reason for leaving your current workplace could be the result of many different things: salary, the way the employee gets treated, a search for new adventure and much more.

What can workplaces do in order to minimize employee discontent? Here are 3 of the most important rules, that will surely guarantee your employee will be fully satisfied, and stay in your company much longer.

1. Respect and Gratitude

Surprisingly enough, in many workplace surveys, salary isn’t the first reason for getting up in the morning and showing up at work. One of our most basic needs in a workplace is to know our work is valuable and important.

They say that no matter how much you pay a worker, if they aren't appreciated, eventually they will quit. No wonder respect in the workplace can increase safety and productivity.

To make sure your employees will stick around for a long period of time, make sure they know how important their work is, and they are appreciated and without replacement. Always remember an appreciated worker will be much more motivated to do their best, only since they know how important they are.

2. A Nice Work Environment

One of the most underrated things people usually don't acknowledge is that our surroundings have a huge effect on the way our brain functions.

A messy workplace will immensely reduce work productivity, even in the most talented, motivated employee. An average worker, however, that operates in a clean workplace will show a massive growth of potential and efficiency at what they do. Clean surroundings significantly impact one’s work efficiency.

A wise employer will go that extra mile in order to make sure the office is always clean and tidy, and that the work atmosphere allows his employees to do their best without distractions. A clean environment will always get you better results.

3. Allowing Employees to Express Their Needs

One of the most important things to do to ensure the happiness of employees is to allow him/her to express his/her needs: opinions, corporate situations, and any other subject to which they think they could contribute.

Too many times your employee holds the best ideas for business improvement, but since they have no way of voicing them, they usually keep these ideas to themselves. That can sometimes be very frustrating, especially if an employee really wants to take part in the improvement of their (and others’) workplace.

Many workplaces still use the good-old employee suggestion box, but usually, it’s not that effective. Only a small amount of employees actually use it. A more accessible, digital idea management software on each employee’s workstation can immensely increase employee engagement.

To Conclude

As long as you are able to maintain these 3 golden rules, your employees will enjoy their jobs more, they will stay with you longer, and they will gladly partake in improving existing and future work processes.

Make your employees count, and they will be the corporation's biggest asset.

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