3 New DevOps Tools From VMware

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3 New DevOps Tools From VMware

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VMware got on the DevOps bandwagon today with 3 new suites of IT management tools.  They include:

1. The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite

A set of IT admin tools that help sys-admins track down problems and proactively see them coming.  $50 per VM

2. The vFabric Application Management Suite

Consists of two components: a deployment automation tool that can integrate with Puppet and Chef, and an application performance tool.  $360 per VM.

3. The VMware IT Business Management Suite

A three module (IT Finance Manager, IT Service Level Manager and IT Vendor Manager) tool for managing SaaS accounts, brokering cloud services for various business units, and advising business staff on what services to use.  This also works for traditional IT assets.

DevOps means a lot of different things to people, but the elements tend to be: helping operations staff work more like developers through the use of automation tools and cloud services, applying elements of the agile development ideology to operations, helping operations and development work more closely together to speed up application development time and reducing the amount of operational friction developers face.  -- Klint Finley, Silicon Angle

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