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3 simple New Year’s resolutions to keep your data secure in 2015

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3 simple New Year’s resolutions to keep your data secure in 2015

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Information security has been a hot topic over the last 12 months, and it’s tipped to be a massively important in 2015 as firms continue to crack down on data risks. In highly regulated industries like law and finance, this is more important than ever and it requires a shift in the way these organisations work and the infrastructure they implement in order to tackle these risks.

But it’s not just the IT department that needs to worry about keeping sensitive data safe within the corporate firewall. Individuals within the companies have a part to play too, as we each have a responsibility to take care of our business’s and clients’ sensitive information. But what can you do in 2015 that will help protect sensitive data within your organisation?

Here are three simple resolutions you can stick to that will ensure you’re doing all you can.

I will protect confidential data when sharing files

There are so many ways to share files that it’s difficult to know which one is the right one. The fact is, different circumstances require different file sharing methods. You might like to burn data to a CD and post it to a recipient. You might simply want to attach a photo to an email. You could even deposit a document in a shared consumer cloud drive. But for confidential documents, you need to be more careful.

This year, resolve to send sensitive files the right way. Use an enterprise-grade secure file sharing service that allows you to set viewing permissions and link expiry so you can rest assured that your and your clients’ confidential data remains secure.

I will quit using email to share sensitive information

Email is one of the least secure ways to share files, yet 89% of law firms report that their main way to share confidential information is via unencrypted email. This puts their clients’ and business data at great risk of being intercepted, accidentally exposed to the wrong recipients, or maliciously sent on to others.

Why put this data at risk any longer? 2015 is the year to break the habit! Use a secure file sharing service instead to guarantee that confidential documents are only accessed by the right people with the right permissions.

I will stop storing confidential files on my laptop or USB sticks

We all do it – save a document on our desktop and take our laptop home over the weekend to work on. But there is always the risk that laptops or portable storage devices will get left on trains, lost or stolen – taking the document, and the sensitive data it contains, with them.

You can protect yourself and your confidential information against this risk easily. Rather than storing documents locally, save them in the secure cloud, where you can access them from any device and can easily share them with authorised recipients. Not only is this a much safer way to store documents, but it also means that you’re always working off the most recent version of a file and your colleagues will always be able to see the latest version.

By sticking to these simple resolutions in 2015, you’ll be playing your part to ensure the security of your business’s and clients’ data.

Happy New Year from HighQ!


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