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3 Ways to Create Learning Experiences your Employees Will Love

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3 Ways to Create Learning Experiences your Employees Will Love

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Companies are always looking for better ways to keep their employees well-trained and up-to-date. Simply providing information formally is not as effective as using informal methods of communication with employees.

Teaching through Training

Dan Tobin’s “What Did You Learn at Work Today?” states that one way to create a positive learning experience is to help your employees with situations in a way that involves them in learning, rather than simply taking care of the issues yourself.

Rather than taking on an employee’s issue and resolving it yourself or telling them the answer to their problem, you can show employees the ways to best handle the situations they are encountering. In this way, they are involved in learning and problem-solving, and they will feel more rewarded in their work.

You may also ask the employee what they think would be the best course of action, and then use that to build their self-confidence. This is one aspect of learning management.

Teaching Tools

There are many useful tools that can be used when teaching employees the best ways to do their jobs. Not all employees respond in the same way or learn at the same pace, so whatever learner-centered methods you use will need to be tailored for the level of the people you are working with.

You can help to create stimulating learning experiences for your employees. They need to find value in learning information that will help them succeed.

Employees can evaluate themselves by identifying their strengths as a member of the team. Ask them things they may have done through which they felt more successful, or more of a contributing part of the team.

Feedback is also important for almost any employee. After they learn the skills that will allow them to excel in their position, they can use a feedback process. This involves the creation of development plans that will determine what they need to learn, and the most effective and interesting ways of getting this information.

Field Trips

NathanNavarro.com teaches employers that using innovative training tools will often yield better results than formal training sessions. One such creative peer to peer learning experience involves sending employees on a field trip. This is a unique way to help them learn about your products and services and those of the competition.

The field trip may involve you and employees, or employees alone, going as a work group. Some of the specifics your employees may learn on the field trip include the ways in which similar products or services are marketed and the ways in which your company’s presentation methods could be improved.

Storyboarding as a Learning Experience

When you allow your employees to storyboard, they can learn about the various visions people have for your company in the future. You might provide each employee with a large piece of paper and felt-tip markers.

The instructions would be to mark five boxes on the paper, with number five being the point of optimum growth and profitability of the company. Then the first four boxes will need to explain just how your company will get to step five, and what motivation will be needed for the journey.


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