3D Touch in Swift: A Retrospective

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3D Touch in Swift: A Retrospective

A roundup of various 3D Touch blog posts, sample applications, and videos.

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Following my 3D Touch for Swift Developers talk at Swift London last night, which you can see here....

...I thought it would be nice to round up all my 3D Touch blog posts into a single retrospective.

3D Touch in Swift: Implementing Peek & Pop

This post discusses implementing peek and pop in a photo browser / picker. The peek displays a nice preview popup from a thumbnail and a swipe displays a preview action to toggle the selected photo's favourite status.

ChromaTouch: a 3D Touch Colour Picker in Swift

ChromaTouch is a little demo application that allows the user to create an HSL (hue, saturation and lightness) colour using 3D touch: horizontal movement controls the hue, vertical controls the saturation and the force of the touch controls the lightness.

DeepPressGestureReognizer - A 3D Touch Custom Gesture Recogniser 

This post discusses sub-classing UIGestureRecognizer to create a custom gesture recogniser to respond to deep presses.

ForceSketch - A 3D Touch Drawing App

ForceSketch is a demo drawing app where the pressure of the user's touch controls not only the line thickness but the colour hue of the stroke.

Globular: Colourful Metaballs Controller by 3D Touch

Globular is a SpriteKit and CoreImage based metaballs demo where the user's touch acts as a radial gravity source, attracting the metaballs. The post discusses not only 3D Touch but a technique to simulate metaballs with a custom CoreImage post processing step.

ForceZoom: Popup Image Detail View using 3D Touch Peek

ForceZoom presents the user with a scaled high-resolution image, it uses a 3D Touch peek to pop up a 1:1 preview of the image at the touch location.

3D ReTouch: An Experimental Retouching App Using 3D Touch

3D ReTouch allows the user to locally apply a selection of CoreImage filters to an image with the intensity of the filter controlled by the touch's pressure.

A First Look at Metal Performance on the iPhone 6s

This post looks at the phenomenal performance of the iPhone 6s running my Metal particle system. The "multiple touch" mode reacts to the pressure of the user's touch.

All the blog posts link to my GitHub repositories for the source code. The slides from my talk are available at SpeakerDeck

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