4 Flash Interactive Art Demos Ported to HTML5 Canvas

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4 Flash Interactive Art Demos Ported to HTML5 Canvas

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Not only are these demos pretty to look at, Tim Homan, the guy who has begun this series, is blogging about how he did each conversion.

With html5 gaining popularity, I figured I might do a mini-series porting a few little flash demo's to javascript/canvas. Funnily enough, I've never touched flash before - so I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into. But one things for sure: I've got plenty to learn, and reading/porting new/unexplored code will be a great stepping stone. -- Tim Holman

His 4th one, which he finished today (pictured above) but doesn't have a blog post about yet, has a true-to-life feel for its fluid dynamics.  Follow the link to his blog to see the three blog posts that he has done so far.

Source:  http://tholman.com/series/flash-forward/

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