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4 Free Content Marketing Resources You Should Know and Love

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4 Free Content Marketing Resources You Should Know and Love

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Content marketing is simple, but it can take a lot of time and effort without the right tools and resources. If you have the right content creation and maintenance tools, though, and a little bit of help along the way, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

When you first start implementing a content marketing strategy, it’s really easy to come up with Facebook status updates, blog posts, tweets, etc. As time goes on, though, your inspiration starts to flag.

For example, if you sell upscale women’s consignment clothing, your first blog post will probably be about this season’s latest trends. You can poll your audience on their favorite designers, post pictures of your latest finds and great deals, etc. After a few weeks, though, you might need some help either finding new content or finding inspiration to present your content in a more interesting way that will get you more reader engagement and conversions.

Alltop and TrendHunter

If you’re looking for free content, check out Alltop and TrendHunter. Alltop aggregates news stories on a huge range of topics. Whether you’re in the fashion industry or you have an HVAC repair company, there’s news out there that relates to your field and that your clients will find interesting and relevant.

Sometimes that news can be hard to find, or you just don’t know where to look. That’s why Alltop is a great resource. Similarly, TrendHunter publishes news on the latest trends in a wide range of fields, including fashion, tech, design, and more. If you’re looking for something new and trending to share with your audience, you’ll find it there.


Sometimes it’s not a matter of finding newer and better content. Sometimes you have to change up how you present your content to get better engagement from your audience and more conversions. Wheeldo is a great resource for creating content marketing games.

Instead of posting a long article or a tiny status update or tweet, you can share a fun quiz game that’s related to your field. When your followers play the game, they can easily share it and their scores on their favorite social media sites. When they do that, and the game goes viral, you’ll watch your audience grow and turn into more paying clients for your business.

Idea Launch

In addition to resources to help you in the short-term, assisting you with daily or weekly updates, it’s good to stay on top of the trends and changes happening in the world of marketing. Idea Launch has a number of marketing guides and case studies, as well as examples of webinars and other marketing tools to download for free.
Content Marketing Institute

While you’re at it, take yourself back to school for free with Content Marketing Institute, a fantastic resource for articles on what does and doesn’t work in marketing. Learn from others’ mistakes. Pick up on new trends. Stay up to date.

With these tools and resources at your disposal, you should have no problem keeping up with your content marketing. Your audience will get fresh content, and you’ll have an easy time creating it. Everybody wins.


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