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4 Mini Inspirations from An Event Apart New Orleans

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4 Mini Inspirations from An Event Apart New Orleans

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An Event Apart is one of those events that every web developer would love to attend. The people, the topics and the knowledge shared is invaluable and gives you a new sense of inspiration and the needed push to put your fingers to the keyboard again with new vigour. Now if you cannot be there or you just want to drink some of it in again, enjoy the following four clips from An Event Apart New Orleans 2008.

Zeldman on Journalism and The Web from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

I started zeldman.com in 1995. And I wrote what I guess now you would call a blog post ... about Lawrence Welk, a little thing about Lawrence Welk that seemed funny to me. And I put it out there to see, to see if anyone else would read it. And The Wall Street Journal called me. A reporter from The Wall Street Journal called me in 1995 and said, "Uh, why are you so fascinated with Lawrence Welk? Are you obsessed? Is it a cult?"

Andy Clarke on Web Layout from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

Andy Clarke shows how comic book artists use panel size to indicate how much time a reader is supposed to spend on a particular chunk of content. He argues that web layouts can work the same way. (Later in this talk, he'll show how.)

Designer Cameron Moll on Natural Mapping from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

He bought one of those early iMacs and that was his first computing experience. He brought me over one day. He asked me to come fix something on his computer. I don't remember what it was, but I said, sure, let me see what I can do.

Eric Meyer on generated content (An Event Apart New Orleans 2008) from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

Onstage at An Event Apart New Orleans, 2008, event co-founder and CSS expert Eric Meyer explains why the W3C's recommendation to allow browsers to insert quotation marks doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense.

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