How to Speed up Your Mobile Game to the Market

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How to Speed up Your Mobile Game to the Market

Four easy ways to decrease the lead time to get a mobile game to the market, including outsourcing your testing and starting with a third-party engine.

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4 Quick Tips to Speed up Your Mobile Game to the Market

So you have the next great game idea in your head, you thought about it and have sketched out a few of those ideas. Great, but you missed your Christmas deadline and you know you need this game out ASAP. You could panic now, maybe cry a bit, or we can help you find ways to increase the development time of your mobile game.


1. Use a Game Engine That Works for You

It used to be in game design you’d have to make the game from scratch and bug test everything to make sure they run well and nothing wrong with your code. Today is a lot easier as many companies are now practically giving away their game engine to help you build games your masterpiece. Here are a few great engines that also work well with TestBird’s Compatibility Game Testing platform:

  • Cocos2D-X: It’s become the biggest used engine in China due to its open source framework, easy to cross-platform, and many different editors. It’s free and can publish games in Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
  • Unity3D: From making simple 3D games on the web to high quality mobile games, this engine has become extremely advanced with a large community to help you and a marketplace of assets. It’s free with premium add-ons and can publish on 21 different platforms including all major mobile devices.
  • Unreal Engine: It’s not just killer console 1st-person shooters that are being made on the Unreal Engine. Many companies in China are using the developer kit to build some of the most beautiful games on mobile today. The engine is free until you make your first $3,000 per revenue quarter and can work on 11 platforms that include all major mobile devices.

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2. Purchase the Art and Music for Your Company

If you are having problems with how your game looks and you are terrible in the visual arts, then why not buy your art and music. Though this is saving you a lot of time, you may have a huge budget crunch from doing this. Today there are many awesome companies in China and the world like GameDevMarket and OpenGameArt.org that can give you quality services.  Unity3D and Unreal Engine members can also use the company’s marketplace for their assets as well.

3. Outsource Your Game Testing

Game testing can be extremely time consuming and can seem unnecessary with the amount of time you take to test every phone. It’s important to make sure your game is working on as many devices as possible so you saturate most of the market with the ability to play your game. 


4. Make a Plan

Too many developers will get too excited about their project and will start coding. Five or so hours in, they don’t know what they are missing and how to implement it into the game. Making a plan is and following it is crucial to saving time as the more complex the game gets. There are many ways developers build a plan, either writing it out, drawing on a whiteboard, using post-it notes, or making a computer diagram. Have your goals in order makes completing them faster than picking projects out of thin air.

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