4 Things Devs Should Embrace With the Rise of IoT

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4 Things Devs Should Embrace With the Rise of IoT

Want to position yourself for success with IoT? Here are some current trends IoT is enforcing in app development and how to get ahead of the game.

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IoT is no longer a new innovation; for now, this technology sector has grown significantly since it first appeared.

The impact of IoT on mobile app development is no puzzle, and all kinds of industries are using its power.

Moreover, a lot of businesses are financially investing in IoT. IDC’s IoT spending forecasts clearly reveal the previous year's investment in IoT by the top three industries:

  1. $178 billion in the Manufacturing Sector

  2. $78 billion in the Transportation Sector

  3. $69 billion in the Utilities Sector

The expenditures directly account for the constant development and innovation in the IoT sector. Furthermore, IoT development is now a promising sector for different industries exploring new revenue sources.

Such influence is sure to create demand for developers in this technology sector, especially in the field of app development. The article features some predictions of the impact IoT will have on app developers.

Developers Will Need a Flexible, Varied Skill Set

Flexible apps must be created to stay promising and IoT-relevant. As in most cases, technology advances in the blink of an eye, applications should not go out-of-date; they should be built with the future scope of IoT. As an outcome, app developers need to be equally flexible in their skills. Before launching into a project, carry out a brief analysis of your current development team to identify any deficiency in skills.

Third-Party Software

You will probably find it necessary to build an application on a ready-made IoT platform, as it lessens the time spent in its development.


Currently, according to a recent report from Intel Security, nearly all the surveyed IT decision makers confirmed that their businesses lacked cyber security skills. This is because developers don't get the proper cybersecurity training. We predict high demand for cybersecurity skills among developers.

Rise of More Mobile Development

IoT-relevant apps can be for web, enterprise, or mobile. Mobile app development appears to be right for IoT, and we expect that there will be tremendous growth in this sector with the rise of IoT in the upcoming years. For IoT, hybrid applications in mobile app development are a good match.


IoT is still relatively young, and app developers have just started to adopt it. Mobile app developers need be prepared for a world driven by an immense number of IoT devices and work to deliver their efforts for creating customized products across physical or simulated devices. More specifically, the collaboration between app developers and IoT will be highly valued.

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