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4 Ways to Become a Social Business

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4 Ways to Become a Social Business

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The very fact that you’re reading this post means you have at least some concept of what it means to be a social business. But despite the enormous gains companies make by joining the social revolution, many of them are reluctant to jump on board.

Social can be daunting—and despite the tremendous success stories, often times the scary stories are the ones that stick. While some prefer to play it safe, forgoing social means passing up on a galaxy-sized opportunity for success. After all, social isn’t a new way of marketing; it’s the new way to conduct business. Here are 4 tips to take advantage.

Be social externally.

Whether or not your company has Facebook and Twitter accounts, your employees sure do—and that’s a great opportunity. Employee tweets and posts often lead to new hires, new sales, new events, and tremendous professional development. So embrace it! Be a social leader. Make sure employees stay current on company messaging by publishing regular updates on sharable information and events.

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Be social internally.

Successful companies use an internal social platform—like Chatter—to reinforce the idea of social business. The benefits are clear and far reaching: Employees can communicate, share ideas, recognize colleagues, arrange meetings, and more. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected, both inter- and intra-team.

Share successes.

Launched a new product? Gained a landmark new customer? Beat your sales projections? Share it with the social world. No need to be modest; sharing success often leads to additional success via new customers, added revenues, and media spotlight. Check out these tips to learn more.

Respond to customers.

OK, so you messed up somehow, somewhere. It happens. Whether it’s a tiny gaffe or a big to-do, it’s best to respond openly. The social customer is a powerful thing. Personal tweets and messages go a long way to salvage individual customer relationships, and an official company statement ensures the right message is in the marketplace as quickly as possible.


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