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4 Ways to Convert Your Social Media Users

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4 Ways to Convert Your Social Media Users

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We’ve come to a time in the world of marketing when you don’t need a big budget for advertising and getting your brand out there. Instead, with a little bit of creativity, some great content, and a little bit of marketing know-how, you can create content that will thoroughly engage your social media users and help convert them from passive viewers to active clients.

First of all, let’s talk about why you’ve created a social media presence. Of course, your end goal is to get more clients, but how does social media do that for you? By supplying your viewers with free information and entertainment through a content marketing strategy, you build their trust in your brand. You also build your brand recognition and expand your customer base. Here are 4 great ways to make that happen, using social media.

Get Creative

Do not make every single post about your latest and greatest products. Your viewers aren’t looking at Facebook and Twitter for ads. In fact, they’re already annoyed at the ads they see on the sidebar and filtered into their feeds. You don’t want to get confused with annoying site features, do you?

So, while you can advertise sales and specials you have coming up, don’t go overboard with posts about your products and sales. Instead, think about your audience and find creative ways to share with them that will increase your standing with them.

Interesting, eye-catching photos, blog posts, and videos that are relevant to your clients’ interests will keep them from scrolling right past your posts, especially when you use engaging titles.

Get Interactive

You can take that concept a step farther, though, when you choose more interactive ways to share information and entertainment with your audience. For example, you can post a poll or survey, asking them what they’d like to see from you in the coming week or month.

Create Incentives

By posting a poll or survey asking for votes on what kind of content your audience would like to see, you’re inviting them into a dialogue with you. When they respond, be sure to stay engaged with them by answering questions and keeping the dialogue going.

You can also give incentives for participation. For example, you could hold a contest. Say, once you get to 1000 likes, you’ll pick a user to get a special prize or a discount on your products or services. You could also give incentives like rewarding early adopters with discounts or special privileges.


Holding contests is a form of gamification, but you can take things a step further by turning your content into a game. Instead of writing static articles that can be scanned right past, post a quiz. For example, if you sell Hollywood memorabilia, you could write a quiz like, “How Well Do You Know Your ‘50s Cinema?” or, “Name That Speaker: Are These Quotes From Marilyn Monroe or Marilyn Manson?”

You can get just as much information across in a quiz as you can in an article, and the quiz has a built-in call to action. Your audience has to interact with your content, and then they have the option of sharing their results and spreading awareness of you and your brand to even more potential clients.


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